Tragedy In The Sugar Factory: Story By A Sunni Girl Aishah Of Bashar Al-Assad Jisr Al-Shughour North Syria

11 November 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

This story was told by a Sunni girl named Aishah in a Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. Complemented with the information from one of the living witnesses. ... Date: 15 - 28th June 2011. Location: Jisr Al-Shughour Sugar Factory, North Syria, Sunni town, 20km from Turkey, Syrian border.

On 14th June, the forces of Bashar rounded Jisr Al-Shughour with the formation of the 3,000 soldiers and 300 tanks, to raid the town the next day, i.e. on 15th June. The latest leaked news from the town was, nearly 30 people were killed and buried in the Sugar Factory, and then the top was layered with cements. The following days up to 28th June, the news about the incident in Jisr Al-Shughour was covered up from the world. The news began to leak out 13 days later, on 28th June to be exact, when the army of Assad left the town to raid another.

On Friday, 17th June 2011, the generals of Assad killed more or less 30 youths and buried them in the Sugar Factory, and then layered it with cements. But when night fell, those generals did not find a better place to sleep and stay overnight other than this Sugar Factory, so they decided to use it as a base throughout the operation of the storming of the town. To enliven the situation, a sadistic idea flashed in the minds of those generals. They wanted some Sunni girls to get naked for entertainment! They ordered the capture of the prettiest girls in town who are named Aishah, as many as 20 girls.

"The first time we entered the factory, we were stripped naked and were subjected to harassment and became targets of abuse and beatings, and then those generals ordered their troops to stop beating because they want to savor our pure white flesh," Aishah recounted.

"After a few days, I submitted to the rape. It had already become a part of my life. But if not using my body and I prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as serving tea and coffee, at least they put on a piece of clothing on my body. I hate being a naked slave. I just hoped they covered my body," Aishah said.

"The abuse was directed at the name "Aishah". And then when those generals were back from battle, they ordered us to make a line and lick their boots until they were clean as a gratitude to them. They said, they were going to kill the rebels and protect us from rape. They used to say, "Aishah..... Come here. Lick my boot," "Aishah..... Bring me my coffee," "Aishah..... Who is your Allah now?" and other very ugly things," Aishah said.

"I already knew what to expect since I was being told that those arrested were pretty young girls. But I never knew they chose us because of our names until the next day when they started calling us all, Aishah, and harassing us with various ways possible, only then we understood what they wanted," Aishah said.

"The first day, they injected something into my foot until we were unable to stand. I hope they would just kill me that night, yet they never injected us again."

"On the third day, they killed one of the girls who went against one of the soldiers. They cut her nipple because she resisted them. And then we knew from the conversation of the army that they had raped her and then killed her and buried her along with 'the others' under the factory! This was to scare the girls so that no one else would think of resisting them," said the surviving eye witness.

"We were scared, we entertained them, and we fulfilled their sexual wants, even in front of others. They did it to us even on the table while they were planning how to move their tanks to destroy our city. The only thing that used to make us feel comfortable was when we cooked for them. Of course we were forbidden to talk each other or look at each other. But we enjoyed good food since we cooked it," Aishah said.

"After the tenth day, they arose and just disappeared. We were naked. We were alone in the factory. We dared not escape. We dared not ask each other whether we were already allowed to talk to each other or not. We were really scared. And then some men from our village we came and rescued us," Aishah said.

"Alhamdulillah, I had a miscarriage and can walk better now. I still remember their faces, their names and their cities of origin. I swear to God I will take revenge. Only my brother knows the whole story, that is not possible to be told to my family because they will no longer recognize me as their child after the Shiahs raped me. No man will marry me because I was a slave. I will try to change my name and no one will know me," Aishah ended.

The video clip of the tanks that came to attack on that day.



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