Taliban: Who Is Killing The Civilian? ......... And Why?

13 November 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The malicious invasion of America paved the road for the intricate intelligence agencies of the west to establish themselves in our sacred homeland. They utilized the stooge spies and regional intelligence circles for their selfish interests; i.e. to fan the disruption, to put differences and disgust among the Afghans, to divide them into tribes and groups and to bring the regional media under their direct influence so that they should not face any trouble in changing the realities.

America, NATO and their allies are not able to turn the Afghan war in their favor in the last 11 years. Now they have turned their attention towards the intelligence agencies. On the basis of a report of the Free Radio (24.04.2012), the American defense department is working on the formation of a new unit of the intelligence. It is a part of the re-organization of the intelligence work. A high ranking official of the Pentagon said; these new secret defense services will work closely with the central intelligence so that co-operation between the army and C.I.A. is enhanced.

On the other side the Daily Telegraph reported on October 17, 2012 that C.I.A. gave an amount of two hundred and fifty thousand Danish dollars to a woman to marry certain Mujahid and then provide them reports about him. (Names of Mujahid, the woman and the middle man are given in the paper.)

During the present year so many unpleasant things happened just to defame the holy Jihad and automatically Mujahidin were blamed. For example in the east, south and west, girls were poisoned by some coward elements. Then negative propaganda was started against the Islamic Emirate. Later on it was revealed that this was carried out by the external agents just to libel the Islamic Emirate.

The genocide of the civilian is carried out according to a conspiracy. An American writer Gordon Diff has exposed very strange realities in his article.


He says that they have proofs of poisoning the students; offences against the woman are carried out by the American agencies, their mafia contractors and their regional stooges in an organized way and then Taliban are blamed just to protract the fake concept of terrorism to achieve their malevolent goals.

The devious intelligence of America according to a new intrigue, plots bombs in public places like graveyards, bazaars, vehicles etc. by their appointed spies to disgrace the Mujahidin. Then they send their puppets to mourn it with bereaved families. They kill them (the people) and then lament on them!

The Islamic Emirate once again assures the nation that it will never forgive the civilian slayers whosoever they may be. Neither will it allow anyone to harm our dear people. It will continue its sacred Jihad until and unless the invading enemy is defeated and a strong independent Islamic and Afghan inclusive government is formed. This is our inflexible stance which is based on the Islamic principles and we have clearly announced it in our declarations, messages and the special advices of the Ameer-ul-Momineen (May Allah keep him safe and sound)!!!



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