Taliban: Election Or New Attempts For The Justification Of The Invasion!!!

15 November 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Last week on Tuesday on the 30th of October 2012, the international media published a new report and that was ‘the Afghan independent election for election!!? has decided today Tuesday, the 5th of April 2014 as the date for presidential election.

This news was warmly welcomed by the western media. The civilian spokesman of NATO in Afghanistan, Dominic Madly called this election to be a historic occasion for Afghanistan and the NATO secretary general Andres Fogue Rasmussen praised the Afghan authorities for assuring the transparent and reliable election.

The picture of forthcoming election is quite clear from the disorders of the 2004 and 2009 election. In the so called last presidential election the media resources sympathetic for the stooge admin of Kabul and the invaders published such ridiculous figures which stunned the western scholars. Besides all the fraud, bribery, threatening and the home filled boxes, they could not claim more than 3% votes of the Afghan population. Eventually Karzai was announced as the designated and legitimate president by winning 1.2 million forged votes. But in reality he had not won even 1% out of the 30 millions free Afghan votes. This was the reason that these elections instigated the public opinion against them.

The titular election of the Loya Jirga (the grand council) made such a chaos in Afghanistan which brought the brotherly tribes of Afghanistan on verge of confrontation. Some of the candidates tried suicides because of too much trickery. Obama and white house were put to such a shame that they could not find any way to justify the expenditure of millions of dollars in the name of election to their nation in a logical manner.

After the American invasion of Afghanistan (October 7, 2001), the west played the game of election four times for the justification of this invasion. Every time they have spent much more dollars, human energy and propaganda power to deceit the Afghans, their own and world nations and to show that they have controlled Afghanistan and have set up independent president and self-reliant parliament; but to their bad luck every knows the facts and figures.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan anticipates the solution of Afghan predicament in the full freedom and not in the false and fake election. Even if the election in 2014 is held by hook or by crook, it will not have any chance of success just like the previous fictitious election. Because on one side the invading forces will be on the verge of fleeing from Afghanistan and on the other side the stooge officials will be looting the funds allocated for election in an unreliable atmosphere so that they could accumulate something for their unknown future.

Reaction Of Spokesman Of Taliban Regarding Claims Of ISAF

The so-called ISAF yet again, contrary to the facts, has claimed under false belief that Mujahideen attacks and activities have decreased compared to the past. All the operations are chiefly focused in the remote areas and the outskirts of the country, implying as if ISAF forces have gained the upper hand.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, hereby, strongly rejects the enemy discreditable nonsense on the issue, affirming that the ISAF speaker may inquire into the issue in the first place and ask the generals and soldiers of ISAF about what really is going on the ground and about the number the loss of lives their troops suffer in various parts of the country on the daily basis. The ISAF claim comes when the previous day's number of the attacks rose to 52 and over 35 American, local puppets including ANA and ANP high-ranking troops have been killed over the last month in Mujahideen deadly onslaughts.

Likewise, our countrymen witness the infiltration of Mujahideen combatants into the enemy's ranks mounting with each passing day, and Mujahideen's dealing deadly blows to the enemy in their own territory which, too, turn out to be moral-losing and fatal for the enemy to venture out of their sanctuaries.

To be precise, Mujahideen fighters heavy fatal attacks and onslaughts on the enemy's major installations and super-secure mega bases and other military barracks and posts with strategic importance have already struck terror in the hearts of the enemies overall.

The reason why the ISAF media has the opportunity to give full coverage to their propaganda and false reports is the enemy's firm censorship to suppress the free publication of information regarding the enemy's military operations and, above all, Mujahideen's operations which is why, Mujahideen despite the growing achievements and gains on the ground, are sometimes unable to make them public in the media.

The Islamic Emirate vows to suppress and crush the flaling and panicky enemy more than ever so much so that they put an end to the enemy's invasion and occupation of our beloved country and pave the way for Islamic dominance.

The enemy, hidden behind a well-oiled propaganda machine, has shown its true disgraceful face to the world and made an exhibition of itself through its propaganda machinery which is no longer able to fool our straightforward people by disseminating disinformation about true Mujahideen of Islam.

On the other hand, the supposed ISAF forces have been forced to abandon more than 400 major military installations across the country. Any rational observer can, now, judge on his own whether the ISAF or Mujahideen have the upper hand.

It is, too, undeniable fact that the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have maintained a state of security in the parts under their control abandoned by ISAF forces, which in itself speaks for Mujahideen gains and ISAF loss.


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