The Correlation Between The Efforts of Al-Qaeda And The History Of Islam In The Liberation Of Al-Aqsa

18 November 2012

By Al-Ikhwah al-Mujahidun


Indeed, when we talk about Palestine, Baitul Maqdis and Al-Aqsa, we cannot escape from unraveling the threads of history which have been knitted by times and filled with the wickerwork's of the fight between the Crusaders Jews, along with their minions and the militant Muslims who hold fast to Islamic principles.

As for the fate of Palestine, it does not by itself come in an colonized state. The colonization enters in stages and is no doubt "the agenda of the" party that claims to have the right over the land. Just as their map of ‘conquest' which intends to build an empire that stretches from River Nile to Euphrates. This map was distributed by the Jews in New York in 1967.

Conspiracies also shape and color the painting of the history of the annexation of Muslims' land. An Israeli defense minister, Moshe Dayan, on 6th June 1967, issued a statement on the day of the invasion of Al-Quds: "We have conquered Orshelem. And we are on the way to conquer Yatsrib (Madinah) and Babil (Iraq)". He also said: "Now our road to Makkah and Madinah is open." They also conquered the Sinai region, Egypt, which they regard as a holy place. However today, jihad movement believed to be affiliated to Al-Qaeda (Salafi Jihadi) has emerged there.

During the era of Daulah Utsmaniyyah, their ambition to rule the countries of Sham and Sinai had been sniffed. The rulers of Daulah Utsmaniyyah knew it. Among those who knew were Sulaim I, Sulaiman, Murad III and Abdul Hamid II.

They wanted to dominate Palestine with the excuse of hijrah and buying lands. But the Utsmani family of rulers did not give their excuse a place, and they pressed the administrative officials to be firm in the affairs of the countries of Sham, Palestine and Sinai, i.e. these places were unlawful to be inhabited by the Jews.

In the year 924 H, Sultan Sulaim I issued a resolution of prohibiting the Jews from migrating to Sinai. Because from there, they could head to Palestine.

European countries continued to pressure the government of Utsmaniyah so that they give freedom to the Jews to inhabit Palestine. Until eventually Al-Baba Al-‘Ali (Sultan Abdul Hamid II) issued a decision in 1302 H (1884) which allows the Jews to perform religious visit to Palestine and stay there for 30 days. However, the diplomats of the European countries considered the time given was too short. Then in1305 H, he issued a decision that the Jews were allowed to stay for three months.

We cannot get away from reality throughout the history of the trouble that happened between the Muslims, and the Jews and Crusaders, along with the bad elements (leaders) from the Muslim side who collaborated with the Crusaders who invaded and occupied the countries of the Muslims.

The pages of history will repeat and what's changed are only the casts in the play. It has become a sunnatullah that between the haq and the batil, there is always turbulent and each wants to dominate over the other. Allah SWT says:

"Allah has written, "I will surely overcome, I and My messengers." Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might." (Q.S Al-Mujadilah:21)

This simple article reviews the correlation between the efforts of Al-Qaeda and the history of Muslims in the liberation of Al-Aqsa or more extensively, Palestine. Al-Qaeda indeed is still in the viewing glasses of the pros and cons when presented to the global public, especially the West. There are Muslims who themselves are vehemently opposed to this movement and its founder, Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin. However, there is not a few observers and analysts who acknowledge the superiority of the tactics and strategy of Al-Qaeda in the liberation of Palestine and the Arab countries from their clutches of the Zionist (Jews) and Crusaders (America and Europe). Among those who are paying attention on this international movement are Dr. Abdul Baari Atwan and Dr. Abdullah Al-Nafisi.

At the beginning of its existence, Al-Qaeda was the name an office founded by Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin in 1989 for the purpose of entering the data of the Mujahideen who arrived and those who were slain on the battlefield against Soviet Union. Here is where the forerunners of Al-Qaeda were to become a great resistance movement with a global scale. The first strategic agenda in the framework of the liberation of Palestine is expelling the American invaders and its allies from the Arabian peninsula. The pattern of their movement will be covered in the next subheadings.

A New Chapter Of The Crusades

After the death of Rasulullah SAW, the Muslims did not keep silence and laze. But the Muslims under the leadership of Khilafah Rashidah continued to expand their wings of conquest of the Arabian peninsula lands and confront the big powers, the Romans and Persians. Even in the time of Rasulullah, the Muslims had confronted the Romans in the battle of Tabuk.

After going through the battle of Mu'tah, the Roman Emperor was getting ready to wipe out the Muslims who had conquered Makkah. He allied with the accomplices from the Arabian peninsula, headed by the tribe of Ghassan to fight the Muslims. After the news about the intentions of the Romans had reached Rasulullah, he thus prepared the forces to confront the Romans and its allies. The incident occurred at the month of Rajab 9 H which was won by the Muslims, and the Arabs finally paid jizyah (tax on non-Muslims given to Islamic Government) to Rasulullah.

Then at the time of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, the Muslims were again facing the Roman invasion. In the year 13 H, Abu Bakar As-Siddiq sent four battalions to liberate the countries of Sham from the clutches of the Roman Crusaders. The first battalion was under the command of Yazid bin Abi Sofyan who was sent to Damascus. The second battalion was under the command of Abu Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah who was sent to Homs. Next, the third army unit led by Amru bin ‘Ash, went to Palestine. And the last was the unit led by Shurahbil bin Hasanah.

In the year 15 H, a Sahabah who became the commander of the expansion, Abu Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah, surrounded Baitul Maqdis and then sent a message to its inhabitants which contained:

"Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, from Abu Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah to the leaders and citizens of Iliya, salvation upon those who follow guidance and believe in Allah dan Rasul, amma ba'du. Indeed, I an inviting you all to shahadah (Laa ilaaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah), that judgment day will arrive, and Allah raises up the dwellers of the grave. If you testify over it, then haram are your blood and properties for us. And you are our brothers. If you reject, then be ready to pay the taxes. If you still refuse, then I will depart with a people who love death more than your love to drink khamer and eat the flesh of swine. Then I will not be back from you guys, insha Allah, until I kill your troops and take your children."

The Sahabahs of Rasulullah had successfully retaken Baitul Maqdis, Palestine and the countries of Sham, back into the lap of Islam after going through Jihad for 7 years. The episode of the Crusade continued in the 6th century Hijriah, where the family of Zanki (Imaduddin Zanki, Saifuddin Ghazi, Nuruddin Mahmud Zanki) and Al-Ayyub tried hard with their jihad against the Crusaders and returned the countries of Sham, especially Baitul Maqdis, into the lap of the Muslims.

In the year 539 H/1144 AD, Imaduddin Zanki successfully retook Roha and other strongholds after fighting against Europe. Year 541 H, Imaduddin besieged the fort of Ja'bar and died during that time.

Both his sons, Saifuddin Ghazi and Nuruddin Mahmud, continued the journey of their father's jihad in the framework of liberating Baitul Maqdis from the hand of the European invader Crusaders. Until eventually Salahuddin was able to return Baitul Maqdis into the lap of the Muslims on 27th Rajab 583 H, which used to in the hands of the European Crusaders for 92 years. And on 4th Sha'ban 583 H, 8 days after the conquest, the Muslims held Friday prayer for the first time in Baitul Maqdis after the crosses in Baitul Maqdis were destroyed.

The next Episode also contains the story of the Crusades which destroyed the Daulah Islam in Andalusia in the year 1492 AD until finally the Pope divided the country of Andalusian into two, Portugal and Spain.

The same thing was also experienced by the Muslims when the land of the Daulah Utsmaniyyah was divided in the Sykes Picot agreement in 1916 AD, where a British General, Allenby, said while entering the territory of Al-Quds: "Now the crusade has ended."

The same goes with a French General when entering Damascus in 1920 AD, he went to the tomb of Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi and put his feet above his grave and said: "We have returned O Saladin" which shows the malice that rests in the hearts of the Crusaders against the commander of the battle of Hittin.

The 21st century arrived. After the collapse of the symbol of American pride and arrogance, the WTC, a few weeks later, the president of America, George W Bush, in a news conference said that this is a crusade. A similar statement was also launched by British prime minister, Tony Blair, which amplified that the war against terrorism is a crusade. European officials also did not miss commenting that the great war between the two camps is a Crusade even though some of them appeared in front of the public and reasoned that it was not intentionally spoken and their interests are far from religion.

But a fact is still a fact. Is there anyone else in this world who is branded as terrorist besides those who have Islam (as their religion) and the ideology of resistance, as well as are opposed towards Israel and its allies?? Where is the stamp of 'terrorist' when Israel aggressed and bombarded Gaza with Phosphorus munitions, which can cause skin cancer and devastate settlements, offices, hospitals and other assets.

So it is clear that this is a crusade of a new chapter with the Jews being the major and America being the war commander, supervising the allied countries or popular among the Islamic movement with the name 'Zionist Crusader war'. Sheikh Usamah in an interview with an Al-Jazeera reporter, Taisir, also confirmed that this is a Crusade.

"What is Japan's business that make it interferes in this war that is hard and furious in the issue of mistreating the of children in Palestine. Japan is totally not included in this calculation, so this Nation should do a self introspection.

What does Australia, that is located in the far south, has to do with the conditions of the weak people in Afghanistan and Palestine. What does Germany has to do with this war other than kufr and 'Crusade'. It is a recurring war just as the previous wars brought by Richard the Lionheart, Louis from France and Barbarus [Frederick Barba- rossa] from Germany. Where, when the drums of war were beaten, they flocked together to fight the Islamic Ummah.

So it is with today, they hasten to greet the Crusade today where Bush raises the banner of the Crusade. What business do the Arab States have in this Crusade and enter into it day and night. They have been pleased with the ruling of the Crusade," said this leader of Al-Qaeda.

It is impossible for the Jews and Americans to be able to face the Muslims when they are united in the ranks of jihad. So, the right method for dealing with the Muslims is with the technique of "splitting the bamboo", i.e. by supporting one and bringing down the other. Even the declared war does not have the slogan "War on Islam" but in the name of the fight against global terrorism.

"He (Bush) didn't just talk to the journalists, but he went out in front of the entire world community to say clearly that this war is a Crusade. He spoke with this language before the entire world community to affirm this fact. So, where are the people who consider that this is a war against terrorism? And what kind of terrorism do they mean at the time when the Ummah have been killed for decades, whereas we do not hear their voices and nobody make a move to help. If the victims rise to avenge the blood of the children who fall in Palestine, Iraq, Southern Sudan and Somalia, Kashmir and Philippines, the ulama's of the rulers and the munafiqeens rise to defend clear kufr," Sheikh bin Ladin stressed in the statement in the Al-Jazeera Exclusive Program.

Al-Qaeda Inspires the Arab People to Fight against the Regimes Who Became the Agents of the Crusader America

The explosion of the Arab people's movement in the framework of a revolution, to change the rulers and system which all these years have been chaining them, as they have become the 'extension' of the hands of America in their countries.

The surge did not immediately come up by itself. The resistance movement against the Arab regimes was first brought forth by Al-Qaeda several years earlier when the rulers in Iraq, Saudi, Palestine, Egypt and others, established "unnatural" relations with America. A notable London Muslim dai'e, Ustadz Yasir, also said that the discourse and movement of the Arab revolution was held after being inspired by resistance of Al-Qaeda which pressed the governments so as not to ally with the Jews and America.

The leaders of Al-Qaeda, especially Sheikh Usamah, warned those regimes in lecture recordings so that they do not become allies of America. Among those statements by Sheikh Usamah was during an interview with an Al-Jazeera journalist, Taisir, regarding the countries that are involved in the war against "terrorism" by becoming an ally of America, the supporter of Israel:

"Any country standing in the ranks of the Jews (helping them), shall not reproach anyone except itself," said the Sheikh.

When the Arab public followed up the maneuver of resistance against the ruling regimes under the control of America and Israel, the leaders of Al-Qaeda even appeared with the discourses in a video recording supporting the revolution of the Arab public. The Sheikh emphasized that they must also be committed to enforce the Islamic Shari'ah, because it is there where the strength of Islam lies and soon to be the next step for the liberation of Al-Aqsa.

Here are excerpts from the lectures of Sheikh Usamah in the framework of inflaming the spirit of the youths, the bearers of the revolution in 2011:

"They flocked to Tahrir Square in Cairo while igniting the flame of the spirit to overthrow the regime of tyrants. Standing tall before the face of batil (falsehood) and raising their heads to fight against it. Even the army of the regime was unable to halt them. They vow their oaths and strengthen their oaths. Then the high spirits gushed out and a revolution was then unfurled. And if such are the bearers of revolution in every corner, hastening to do so and not waiting for the negotiations, then there will be no compromise between the bearers of truth and the deceivers. Never at all.

And remember when Allah has given you the grace on the day before these days… O sons of Islam, perilous roads and a rare, as well as precious historic opportunity, have stretched out before you for the awakening of the ummah, as well as the freeing of one's self from worshiping the interests of the rulers and the positive laws, and also from the clutches of the West. Therefore, it is a sin and big mistake if we waste this big opportunity which has been awaited by the ummah for decades. So make the efforts and destroy the idols (the system that enslaves you - ed.) and establish justice and religious faith (iman).

And in this opportunity, I am reminding the sincere people that the formation of an assembly of opinions and mushawarah of the Muslim nation for various important discourses is a shar'ie obligation."

The Agenda of the Conquest of the Countries Occupied by the Enemies Heading Towards the Liberation of Palestine

The countries of the Muslims, in truth, have significant roles in the liberation of Palestine if indeed they are truly trying to establish the very foundations of the laws and policies that are free from foreign interventions, let alone if the interventions enter the domain of the system, which in truth make the said Nation as a remote (device) for America and the West.

In the past, in the era of Khilafah Rashidah, Abu Bakar As-Siddiq sent troops of expansion to the countries of Sham to fight against the agents of the Roman crusaders, made up of the Arab tribes, to liberate Baitul Maqdis. And then it was continued by Umar bin Khattab.

The same goes with the family of Zanki, Nuruddin Zanki and Saifuddin Ghazi gave the allies of the European crusaders, Mujiruddin and Mu'inuddin, a lesson, and conquered Damascus and Egypt as the opening way in the liberation of Baitul Maqdis. Salahuddin too was like that, he fought the bad elements in the Fatimiah government of Egypt and then took over Egypt, as well as replaced its officials with the ulama's of Ahlussunnah, including appointing Sadruddin Abdul Malik bin Darbas Al-Maridani Ash-Shafi'i.

The same goes with the strategy of Al-Qaeda which endeavors to fight against the regimes that rule the countries of the Muslims. Starting from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Yemen to Somalia.

Making One Place as the Starting Point

In the record of history, the liberation of Palestine or Baitul Maqdis began with the conquest of the surrounding areas or territories that had great potency as the breaking power and the mobilization the ummah to conquer Baitul Maqdis.

In the time of Mahmud Zanki and Salahuddin, Egypt was used as a place of the starting point (munthalaq) and the concentration of power for the conquest of the countries of Sham.

Al-Qaeda has the same strategy too. However, the place that is made as the starting point is Iraq. Usamah bin Ladin in a lecture titled ‘Khutuwat ‘Amaliyyah li tahrir Filisthin' (Practical Steps to Liberate Palestine), in the month of Rabi'ul awwal 1430 H coinciding with March 2009, emphasized Iraq as the zone of the starting point, the following is the extract from his lecture:

"And based on what has been exposed (i.e. after knowing that Palestine is being colonized from within by the rulers of Palestine and Egypt which are friends to Israel and at the expense of the people of Palestine), an established country that is located outside must be found. Where the Mujahideen can fully move from there to open the border with force, so that we can reach our brothers in the vicinity of the blessed Al-Aqsa. And this golden, as well as limited opportunity for the sincere people, in their willingness to liberate Al-Aqsa, is by supporting the Mujahideen in Iraq with whatever they need so that they can liberate Mesopotamia.

Next is to depart to Jordan, where it is a better and broader front. A part of its populations are the citizens of Palestine who were evacuated last year. And from Jordan, the next move is to head towards the West Bank and the surroundings, as well as opening the border to our utmost to complement the missing pillars so that the liberation of Palestine is achieved fully."

The movement of Al-Qaeda is so rapid, although Iraq is used as the starting point, now what becomes the centers of attention are Yemen and Somalia. The Mujahideen of Somalia and Yemen have been successful in bringing the power in the country. The Al-Qaeda of Yemen or Arab peninsula has controlled almost the entire southern region and some northern part of Yemen. They are also being supported by the many tribes.

Improving the Internal Condition of Muslims

If we want to be optimal in conducting resistance against the enemy, we have to prepare ourselves maturely. How can we fight the enemy while we are handicapped or wounded.

We must look at the our own condition, get organized, catch up with what are missing and make the move. These did not escape the attention of Salahuddin when taking over Egypt. He developed Egypt from within and paid attention to the welfare of the people of Egypt. He abolished the tax that had been burdening them in the time of the Ubaidiyyah or Fatimiah dynasty.

When the society is established and feeling comfortable, it is easy to be mobilized. At least the moral support is there. This is what Al-Qaeda is doing after taking over and controlling a district.

We can see Iraq, when they are controlling various provinces there (of course they still need to collide with the American and government troops), they establish the supremacy of the Shari'ah Court. All disputes of the people are settled there.

In the field of community service too, they have fulfilled, that even the people of Palestine are feeling it. In the districts of the territory of the Daulah Islam of Iraq, which was headed by the first Amir, Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi (now Abu Bakar Al-Qurasy), they built camps, the refugee shelters for the people of Palestine who migrated there. So their call and what they promised for the ummah of Palestine is not merely a figment that has no manifestation.

From Iraq we move to Somalia. There too, the fighters of Al-Qaeda (named Al-Shabab) are working hard to serve the Islamic ummah. Various aids of food and clothing were given to the thousands of villagers in various districts of Somalia (we can see the documentaries published by their forums in the cyberworld). Wednesday 21st December 2011, the Government of Al-Shabab distributed some aids to the thousands of needy residents in dozens of districts in the regions of Islam Bay and Bakool. The given aids consisted of rice, cooking oil and beans which were distributed to more than 6,000 households.

Their service did not stop there, in the sector of health, they too contribute. Sponsored by the Zakat office of Al-Shabab movement, on Monday 21st Rabi'ul Awwal, in the town of Baidoa, the fighters of Al-Shabab officially opened hospitals to treat mentally handicapped and displaced people, as well as those who have no more family. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the leaders, notable figures, traders, ulama's and da'ies, which includes district officials.

And there are still many more efforts of Al-Shabab in improving the internal conditions of the Islamic ummah in the districts that are under their control. Is it only in Somalia that such things are done? Al-Qaeda in Yemen too are doing the same thing. After duplicating the movement of Ansar Al-Shariah, they work hard to serve the people who are in the territories under their rule.

Through the decision of the Shari'ah court, Al-Qaeda freed the fishermen of Syuqrah from the tax which, during the regime of Ali Saleh, had been choking their throats. The abolishment of taxes was also similarly applied to the cement Factory in Batis. In fact, Al-Qaeda even empowered the youths to become employees of the factory which before was dominated by foreign nationals.

And there are still many more achievements of Al-Qaeda in Somalia and Yemen in the framework of improving the Muslims who are under their rule. Thus the citizens feel the peace and safety. There is nothing that they fear except the attacks from the American drones and also the attacks by the forces of the American allies, whether it be in Yemen or Somalia.

Al-Qaeda Warned the Rulers of Muslim Countries so as not to become Obstacles in the Liberation of Al-Aqsa

In the 90's, when Sheikh Usamah was under the surveillance of the Saudi government and unable to travel overseas, he conveyed messages through recordings and writings that reminded the Saudi citizens of the danger of the socialist regime in Iraq. He stressed that this government had an agenda to aggress the Gulf Countries. He also predicted that Saddam Hussein would attack Kuwait. This had been conveyed to the deputy interior minister, Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz.

So, when looking at the analysis of Sheikh Usamah, the interior minister Nayef bin Abdul Aziz invited him in a meeting. Nayef reckoned what had been predicted by Sheikh Usamah was right.

He again wrote a message for Nayef when Saddam Hussein aggressed Kuwait in August 1990, offering the option to form a force made up of the Mujahideen from various places, among these were the Arab Afghan Mujahideen who were under his commands, in the framework of defending Kuwait and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He promised he could afford to gather 100,000 personnels.

But he was so devastated when the Saudi government decided to bring in American forces to the Arab peninsula for the defense of Kuwait and the government. He was very worried that the arrival of the American forces in the Arab Peninsula would lead to colonization with their domination over the government of the Muslim Nation.

Seeing this phenomenon, he rebuked the policy taken by the Saudi government and advised its ulama's so as to give warnings for the measures taken. The Saudi government was fixed in their stance and in the end this produced enmity between Al-Qaeda and the government.

A similar thing was also done by the leader of Islam, Nuruddin Mahmud Zanki, who rebuked the ruler of Damascus, Mujiruddin, who preferred Europe more than the forces of Nuruddin in securing Damascus. Whereas, it was obvious that the European Crusaders wanted to conquer the countries of Sham, especially Baitul Maqdis. In 549 H, Nuruddin Mahmud sent a message to Mujiruddin which contained:

"With my arrival to this country (Damascus), I don't mean to fight you. But what made me come here is the complaints from the Muslims that the farmers have their properties seized and their wives and children are killed by the European crusaders, whereas, no one is helping them. Therefore, with the gifts of strength and ability that Allah gives me, I departed in order to help them and fight the mushrik people. And it is not fitting for me to sit down, not helping them.

Because I know you are weak to look after your properties and defend them, that makes you ask for help from Europe in order to fight me. You exploit the properties of the weak and poor people unjustly. And this something that neither Allah Ta'ala, nor a Muslim is pleased with."


What we have presented is a glimpse of the fact regarding an international tanzim that is controversial, i.e. Al-Qaeda. There is no name that disturbs the mind of America and its allies more, besides this name. How many billions of assets have been flushed out by America to fight this movement. Yet its is nothing when we see the lives of the America soldiers that were lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen.

We also realize that this armed group do not get a place in the hearts of some Muslims when they are being steered by the Western opinions and stuffed with the project of "Global Anti Terrorism". Not to mention the limited information that they get about what happened on the ground and the full face of Al-Qaeda. They only receive the photocopies, the products of the American fiction about the image of Al-Qaeda.

Since the 11th September event, Al-Qaeda has become the material of discussions. Here we are not going to discuss in depth about how they conduct the attacks, the legality of their operations, the ruling on blowing up one's self by diving straight into the enemy ranks, the ruling on fighting the Arab rulers and matters relating to the status of the shar'ie rulings on the operations that they do. They have views on the shar'ie rulings and strategies that is not enough to be discussed in this simple writing.

Besides that, not a few people admire the movement rotation of Al-Qaeda. Why is that? Because they understand the facts and field data. What we have presented is just a handful of the objective data that still needs deepening.

Dr. Abdul Baari Atwan, a journalist and editor of the Al-Quds Al-‘Araby daily, is one of the examples. He has met with Sheikh Usamah (Sheikh Usamah was fascinated by his writings and told his courier that he wished to meet Atwan) and withdrawn informations from him, starting from life journey to the mission of Al-Qaeda, that resulted in Atwan writing a book titled "Al-Qa'idah At-Tanzhim As-Sirri" (Al-Qaeda, A Secret Movement). In fact, even in front of the public, when interviewed live on TV in Yemen, he said that we should give credit to this Tanzim from seeing their efforts in struggling for Islam and the fate of the Islamic ummah by fighting against the Jews, America and their allies from among the regimes of the Middle East.

The departure of supreme leader of Al-Qaeda, Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin, also became a sorrow for the Islamic ummah. In many Arab countries, the Muslims flocked out to the street, protesting and condemning the attack by the American special forces, the Navy Seal, on his residence on 2nd May 2011 in the town of Abottabat, Pakistan.

The Salafi Jihadi Movement of Palestine also held a similar act from day to night, where its documentary was released by the Media Centre Al-Yaqin with the title "The Act of Anger of the People of Gaza as a Renunciation for the Murder Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin -rahimahullah-". In that act, Sheikh Munir Al-‘Ayidi said, "It was this man who commanded the Global Jihad resistance against America and its allies of Crusaders, so he deserves to be titled 'the Imam of this era'… In the era of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, he was patient with the fitnah coming from the camp that spread the idea that Al-Qur'an is makhluk (creation), so the ulama's in his time said that they knew one is a mu'min or munafiq from their love for Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal. So today, we are also saying that one's iman and hypocrisy can be known through his love for Usamah bin Ladin". The Islamic Ummah of Pakistan and Afghanistan also did not lag behind in their anger when knowing about this. This shows how much they were feeling the presence and activities of Al-Qaeda.

All aspects become the highlights of Al-Qaeda in the effort to liberate Palestine, starting from the verbal (giving enlightenment to the ummah about the reality of the war against America and Israel, as well as that which gives contributions in easing the moves of America and Israel in invading Palestine), written (be it through electronic media, or print media) to the military strength, until the ummah can become synergistic and shoulder to shoulder in liberating Palestine from the clutches of the Crusader Zionists.

Original article in Indonesian by Abdurrahman Hamidan


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