Who Is Triumphant: Me Or Cyrus? A Personal Encounters In Face Of Spying, Democracy And Nationalism

24 November 2012

By Fareed Ahmadi

Once Cyrus, a British national, was delivering his lecture in a seminar held in Peshawar in 2007 and I attended it. We got the impression that he was an agent of Mossad (an Israeli intelligence agency) as he mostly talked about the dominance of Jewish policy over the world.

One day we had a hot argument about the type of government which could completely satisfy human mind and the people of the world. His choice, in this regard, was democracy. I asked him about the meaning of ‘democracy' and he replied that it meant ‘equality' and that it was a system in which everyone is given a right to elect his/her members or president by casting vote in his favor. He reiterated that it is a good news for the Afghans that only democracy can completely gratify all the people and so the Afghanis. I reminded Cyrus that Islam is a comprehensive code of conduct which regulates all human relationships, individual as well as social, male as well as female. As it is not a man-made law, it does not leave out even the minor rights of all the creatures of Allah, both human and animal. I diverted his attention towards the fact that Afghans' mind had been regulated by Islamic Shareea (Islamic law) since time immemorial, and since then Afghanistan hadn't followed any foreign man-made imported law. I told him that Islam was the linchpin of Afghan society and that Ulema gave direction to our society. Ulema, I told him, had a great influence on everyone. I further made him realize that their puppet government could not serve their purpose and will lead them to their shameful end. He was further told that they had been defeated many times but they still had the illusive feeling that Afghan Muslims would be inspired by their democracy.

Such argumentations became a daily routine and started trying to weaken my logical arguments.

‘NATO invaded our country but the day is very near that you would become hunted fugitive' I reminded him once. ‘Certainly not,' He snorted. ‘You afghan can't feed yourself, let alone defeating an organization with the support of the entire world's highly trained army who are equipped with advanced technology. And furthermore, there is the support of Muslim countries and also they are morally supported worldwide. Your neighboring countries and all Islamic countries are supporting us; they all call you terrorist'.

I, once again, diverted his mind to the sayings of Amir-ul-Momineen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid (May Allah protect him) in the interview with BBC, which was just after the first airstrikes of filthy invaders, that America would lose its balance and tumble backwards and it was the wish of Allah almighty and then nothing would help NATO to preserve itself, neither technology nor economically supported world best trained army.

The argument got prolonged. Finally, we had to bet on it and agreed to wait for the result and see who wins.

And the result, of course, will be the colossal defeat of NATO as soon as Allah almighty desires.

We, the Afghan Muslims, will never let anyone impose any type of religious or man-made laws on us except Islam.


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