The Supreme Council Of Peace Or The Warring Council Of The Oppressors?

27 November 2012

By Ahmed Abdullah

From the day the puppet regime of Kabul has started the propaganda of the so called peace process, they have carried out such actions which are totally in contradiction with the principles and demands of peace. They do not have a specified strategy for peace. They are using the noble name of peace according to their own wishes for illicit meaning. Peace according to their interpretation is to give up the Jihad, to accept the decrees of the invaders, to surrender the weapons and to wait for the mercy of the infidels.

True peace can only be achieved when the sovereignty of the Afghan Mujahid Nation is realized as their legitimate right. The Kabul administration is using the name of peace for political aims and to deceive the people and the world, because with the implementation of peace their personal interests are at stake. Therefore they have brought together such figures under the umbrella of peace council, who have no idea of peace and harmony in the country; instead they have tortured the people for more than thirty years for their personal benefits; they have started the civil wars and are busy day and night for the demolition of their own people.

From the very beginning someone was selected as the head of the so called peace council who had a large share in the calamity of the Afghan nation and always preferred war to peace. In this defective composition such figures were brought together who instead of peace, issued the verdicts of beating, killing and hanging the Mujahideen. They had the policies of war from the beginning and are preparing themselves for fresh fighting. There are even such figures in this composition who are working for the disintegration of the country.

Is it rational to expect peace from such a war process? Actually this process is a part of the enemy's defense and security organs. No doubt that the oppressed and afflicted Afghan nation wants peace and stability but the enemy has imposed by sheer force such figures on the people who have no commitment for peace and are totally despised by the masses.

Our beloved people and the entire world knows that the Kabul administration is never interested in peace; because on one hand they are not independent and on the other side their interests lies in the continuation of war. They are just using the good name of peace for their malicious interests. They want to show the people and the world that they are the symbols of peace and Mujahideen are the supporters of war. But our Mujahid and vigilant nation can never believe in these hollow slogans.



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