Ustadz Abu Jibriel : The Jihad Of Syria Becomes An Arena Of Manifestation Of A Muslims's Iman

01 December 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

JAKARTA, Indonesia Deputy Amir of Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI) Ustadz Abu M. Jibriel Abdurrahman hopes that Muslims could make Syria as an arena of jihad. Because according to him only through the path of jihad, that Islam can reestablish its glory. Even though jihad is not a path that many people take.

This was delivered in a "tabligh akbar" and fund raising event for Muslims of Syria organized by Forum Peduli Suriah (FPS)/Care For Syria Forum, Sunday, 19 Dzulhijjah 1433 H, ba'da Zuhr until 'Asr prayer, at Masjid Al Azhar, Kebayoran, South Jakarta.

"Those who love jihad are not many. But, it is these 'not many' that Allah will recommend to buy," he said.

Meaning, quoting an explanation by Sheikh Abdullah Azzam rahimahullah, Allah will buy a Mujahid with paradise, where there is none who gains the paradise except through the path of jihad.

"Allah prepares for the Mujahids a paradise which is of 100 levels, unless with jihad we will not get it," Ustadz Abu Jibriel explained.

Ustadz Abu Jibriel said, he has spoken about jihad for quite a long time. But actually he is ashamed as he feels he does not deserve and is not worthy of speaking about it. But remembering the importance of jihad in this life, he still strives to explain it.

"I emphasize my embarrassment, to continue talking about jihad so that you gentlemen and ladies love jihad," he said.

Still talking about Jihad, he told about his experience of engaging in warfare several times, but Allah had not yet destined him for shaheed. In Afghanistan, Philippines and Ambon, the desire for shaheed was not yet granted by Allah. Due to that, he hopes the jihad of Syria could sent him on to that ambition. Remembering that jihad is a test for the believers, so that it can be proven who only claims to be a Mujahid and who are the real Mujahids. And jihad is a test of righteousness, piety and reputation for a Muslim. Therefore, Muslims should take a role in helping the Muslims in Syria. The reason, the jihad of Syria will also be the test field for the Muslims to prove their iman to Allah SWT.

"The jihad of Syria will prove, whether we are asleep or we are awake seeing the sufferings experienced by our brothers there," said Ustadz Abu Jibriel fiery.

Therefore, Ustadz Abu Jibriel urged and encouraged Muslims, for those who cannot go to the jihad arena in Syria, to help their Muslim brothers and sisters who are being massacred by the regime of Assad, so helping to prepare the means of jihad of those who are in the midst of conducting jihad is the same as conducting the jihad itself, just as in the hadith of the Prophet Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam. And by helping in the path of jihad, it too can save them from the torment of hell fire.

"If you are able to go for jihad, go! If you can afford to do infaq, do it! If you are not capable of doing both, do'a is your weapon. If you are silent indifferently, it's the sign of your pleasedness with the persecution of Muslims," he said.

On that occasion, also appeared as speakers besides Ustadz Abu Jibriel (MMI), were Ustadz Abdul Wahid Alwi (Vice Chairman of DDII), Ustadz Bachtiar Nasir (Secretary General of MIUMI)), Ustadz FerryNur (KISPA) and Ustadz Farid Ahmad Okbah. There was also fund raising and distribution of books for free.



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