Between Palestine And Ahwaz: The Proof Of Shi'ah's Crimes

24 December 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Ikhwati fillah, a lot of people know about Palestine and all its complexities… but few, in fact very very few people know about Ahwaz and the suffering of its population… True right? And the readers must be wondering… AHWAZ?? What's that?

Ahwaz is an area much wider than Palestine, around 375,000 KM square, and populated by 8 millions people. It is located on the border between Iraq and Iran, covering the peninsula of the Arabian Gulf, that when viewed geographically, its shape is like a crescent.

This region is also known as Arabistan or Khuzistan. The language of its people is Arabic, and they have inhabited the area since 500 years ago.

In the beginning, the population of Ahwaz consisted of 99% of people of the Arab descents, whereas the rest were Persians. However, their number now begins to decrease to only 95%.

Ahwaz is the biggest oil-producing regions in Iran, and the third in the world. However, many of its citizens live in poverty which is rather alarming. Their condition is very similar to our brothers and sisters in Palestine which has been colonized by the Jews since 1967. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that the people of Ahwaz are undergoing a more severe oppression than the Palestinians. How come? Because they have been colonized by the Majoos Iran (Shi'ah) since 1925, i.e. 42 years ahead of the colonization of Palestine by the Zionists.

Then when the Shiite revolution in Iran erupted under the leadership of Khomeini, a big war between the Muslims of Ahwaz and the Persians, which killed no less than 500 people, happened, and this reminds us of the Shabra and Shatila Camp massacre in Palestine in 1982.

Even until now, massacres and tortures against the people of Ahwaz, where the majority are Ahlussunnah of the Arab ethnic, continue to happen. However, since the mass media are not in their hands, then the Islamic world does not know about them.

They continue to struggle to reclaim their territory from the Iranian invaders who had seized their natural wealth, namely oil, besides persecuting them because of ethnic and ideological differences, since the Shi'ahs of Iran are of the Persian ethnic who, since long ago, are well known for hating the Arabs, let alone those who are Ahlussunnah.

Due to that, anyone who tries to fight off the invader Iran, his life will end at the gallows, or by the penetrating by hot leads. And this happens very often, in fact last month, the Regime of Shi'ah Iran had executed 42 Ahlussunnah prisoners. They do not distinguish between men and women as well as young and old, (they even hanged pregnant women).

You can see a little bit about their plight in the following link, and once again, this is just a bit of the unexhausted information, and the reality is far bigger than what the mass media manage to report…


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