27th December Is A Black Day Resembling 7th October

30 December 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

7th December 1979 is the black day when the former Soviet Union invaded the holy land of Afghanistan on with its modern armaments and supported by the eastern bloc. The then communist regime welcomed the invaders and handed over all the economic and military wherewithal of Afghanistan to the enemy.

Influential national figures like well known scholars, tribal chieftains, intellectuals, professors, pious military and civilian officials were martyred very ruthlessly on the instigation of foreigners and millions others were compelled to migrate.

The intruders and their stooges who had studied the glorious history of Afghanistan tried to defame the philosophy of Afghan Mujahidin and heroes. Just like the present western trespassers they also knocked the doors of media besides the military power, air force and massacre. They called Mujahidin not only feudal and wicked people but also alien slaves. Millions of Afghans migrated to other countries because of their cruelty and brutality. Hundreds of thousands were martyred. Thousands were crippled, many mothers were widowed and a large number of children were deprived from the warmth of their fathers' laps.

The burning flames of cruelty and oppression of the invaders completely burned them. The storm of the blood of martyrs and tears of oppressed people eliminated the Soviet Union from the world map. The super power of that time was torn into pieces with the aid of Allah Almighty and by the holy Jihad of the Afghan Nation. As a result the Afghans became the champions of the twentieth century as they the champions of the nineteenth century. The Medal of Freedom was decorated on their chests. And now with support of Allah Almighty the freedom champion of twenty first century are the devout Mujahidin of the Allah's path as well.

The present American invasion which started eleven years ago on 7th October 2001 and is still going on inflicted a lot of miseries on our Muslim people as the previous invasions did. They destroyed homes, orchards, agricultural land and green crops in the indiscriminate bombardment. They martyred innocent people. They imprisoned a lot of Afghans and are committing war crimes at large.

But with the support of Allah Almighty, the Afghan youths once again revived the glorious history of their forefathers by their holy Jihad and varied sacrifices. They broke the back of American enemy and confronted it with an outrageous defeat, drowned them in the whirlpool of mental diseases. They shivered the white house and made the American heads frenzied. It is not far away that just like the Afghan resistance against the English and Soviet occupation, this time once again the holy struggle will change the world map Insha Allah (God willing). The United States of America will face the fate of former Soviet Union. Mujahidin will succeed in this trial. They will win the war of Islam and liberty. Our people will start once again the pleasant life of honor and magnificence under the shadow of an Islamic Government.



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