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The Taliban Maintain The Afghan Dilemma Needs True Efforts

13 January 2013

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

For a few days a very warm discussion is going on the media that the heads of the governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Britain and some other officials have met in London to strive and find a solution for the Afghan issue.

The London conference is part of the series of regional and international gatherings, Jirgas and conferences which are going on for the last ten years. But it neither played any positive role in solving the issues of Afghans and Afghanistan nor showed any other encouraging outcome.

According to our assessment the objectives of this kind of conferences can be characterized as follow:

1. To divert the general attention from the basic solution of the issue and just to exploit it for propaganda.

2. To conceal the political and military deadlock of occupation and the occupiers of Afghanistan from general spectacles and to show that some activity and progress is going on.

3. Fulfilling vested individual interests of the political leaders and the provision of raw material for the media channels from the big issue of peace and prosperity of the Afghan nation.

There is always worldwide propaganda for this kind of conferences to the extent that the distressed Afghan nation becomes sanguine. These extraordinary meetings are always considered positive and productive but they are constantly unyielding. It seems that the objective of convening this kind of meetings on the initiative and demand of the westerners is only deception and propagation.

The invader western countries want to show themselves pledged for peace and solution of the Afghan issue. They always, while pretending themselves as inviters and mediators, try to dispose of the responsibility of creating the problems and show themselves irresponsible in the ongoing calamity; despite the fact that every rational being knows that the core of the current tragedy lies in the occupation and presence of the western invading countries; because the quality and quantity of issues in Afghanistan and the region were quite less prior to their intrusion. The inference is that after the military evacuation of the west, causes of the problem will vanish and all the issues will be automatically solved.

The policy makers of Britain, America and all other countries, having used force constantly for eleven years and facing military trounce at the end, have reached to the conclusion that war in Afghanistan should be terminated. But their amateurish and irresponsible conduct regarding the solution of the issue shows that the invaders have lost their capability of war in Afghanistan and are not determined to really solve the Afghan issue.

Therefore they are taking propaganda gain from the peace slogan and are not trying to take any practical step to fulfill the prerequisites of negotiations. Instead of the right address and true representatives of Mujahidin, they meet and play hide and seek with the counterfeit and ineffective individuals and circles. This kind of behavior not only spoils the future of Afghanistan but also washes away the expectations of Afghans for a peaceful Afghanistan. It has no other outcome.

Providing a huge and extravagant setup by the western countries under the name Peace Council to the Kabul regime and then starting horse trading; secret and counterfeit meeting in Dubai and some other western countries; similarly the London conference and likewise other international conferences and meetings; are the real obstacles of effective and fruitful negotiations between the factual sides. They have no other remedy for Afghans and Afghanistan.

This process and all other deceptive maneuver not only adjourn the genuine solution of the Afghan issue but also damage the conviction and intention of different directions and the Afghans in the imminent peaceful Afghanistan.

Instead of these deceitful and propaganda maneuvers, it is better that actual responsible countries (i.e. the westerners) should reconsider their stance of occupation including the reverence for the sovereignty of Afghans and Afghanistan. They should withdraw all their forces from Afghanistan. They should abandon the idea of permanent interference under the cover of strategic contracts and let the Afghan nation enjoy a peaceful and independent life in their homeland.

As Hamid Karzai went to Norway from London to sign another deluding paper under the title of strategic agreement, it shows that the westerners and their stooges are not convinced to respect the sovereignty and national will and want to protract the calamity instigated by the foreign interference.

In these circumstances if the Afghan crisis prolongs and jeopardizes the life, property and dignity of Afghans on the daily basis, only the western countries and their stooges will be held responsible for it who keep the propaganda war alive for their vested lusts. They are not only reluctant to take practical steps for a true solution of the issue but also create new hurdles in its way.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate
Zabihullah Mujahid




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