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The Taliban Holds The Message Of Islamic Brotherhood With Itself

20 January 2013

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

For a long period of time various circles are trying to defame the Islamic Emirate by different ways and to present dim and vague pictures of this immaculate system. Sometime they blame that it is against learning and education; sometime they say that it is not in favor of women rights; sometime they blame it for violating the human rights; sometime they hold it responsible for not trying to promote the inter-Afghan peace and harmony.

These and likewise other baseless accusations and unsubstantiated blames are irresponsibly ascribed to the Islamic Emirate by some selfish persons and organizations as an integral part of the war launched by the enemy. Nevertheless we have clarified our position from time to time concerning all these issues.

Nowadays a new series of the undue accusation has been started. Some people print out menacing letters on the fake pads of the Islamic Emirate, mark it with a forged stamp and then ascribe it to a commander of the Islamic Emirate as if that commander has given him life threatening. Then they forward this letter to the foreign governments to show them that their life is in danger. This is the false propaganda exploited by some people even during the reign of the Islamic Emirate and thus deceived the foreigners just for the sake of their personal interests.

Actually it is the ravaged economic conditions of the country which have forced our helpless people to make either bogus documents or sell their offspring or do other likewise undue acts in the hope of reforming their lives.

The invaders made a lot of hollow claims and exhausted the media by these kinds of boasting and bragging that they have come for the prosperity of Afghanistan and have brought sacks of dollars with them. Now it has been clarified to everyone that what kind of souvenir they have brought to our country. They have not brought anything else but adversity, destruction and hatred. The sacks full of dollars which they brought with themselves had either been spent by themselves or their cronies or have been pulled out of Afghanistan. Thus they paved the road for corruption and immorality to sprout and then spread out to the extent that even full fledge buildings constructed by their money have vanished as admitted by themselves. The end result is that the oppressed Afghan people are dying of severe cold and hunger today. Women are tyrannized; infants are killed in their cradles and numerous Afghans are living under poverty line to the extent that even a few kilometers away from Kabul palace, courageous fathers and affectionate mothers sell their dear and beloved little female children. The youth of the nation make forged documents and are trying to go abroad on very perilous ways.

The Islamic Emirate while strongly denying all these allegations, once again declares that we have the message of Islamic brotherhood with ourselves. We respect all sects of our people. We do not have threatening messages for anyone. The Islamic Emirate has been established to wipe out the miseries and adversities of the Afghan nation. It has been resisting for the previous eleven years as Jihad against the American invasion and has rendered a lot of sacrifices. As it is the demand of our Muslim nation, our all-inclusive holy Jihad will remain uninterrupted Insha-Allah (God willing) till the invasion is brought to an end and an environment of peaceful life under the supervision of an Islamic government is set up in our beloved homeland and it is never hard for Allah Almighty.




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