Indonesian Volunteers Delivered The Amanah Of Palestinians For The People Of Syria

06 March 2013

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

ALEPPO, Syria – With the protection of Allah Ta'ala, since five days ago (15/2) more than 10 volunteers of Indonesia-Palestine have been moving together in Aleppo and Damascus (Syria) delivering the amanah (trusts) to the people who, for the past two years, have been subjected to a very severe humanitarian crisis.

"Yes, our teams do not only deliver the amanah from the people of Indonesia, but also from the people of Gaza, for the Syrian people," explained M. Fanni Rahman, the General Chairman of Sahabat Al-Aqsa. Fanni continues to monitor the movement of these humanitarian teams from its headquarters at Masjid Jogokariyan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

According to Fanni, in the period of five days, the mission this time has delivered the amanah of not less than 700 millions Rupiah in value. The amanah was delivered in the form of packets of food, medication aids and emergency education assistance.

"Alhamdulillah, our team delivered those directly at the frontmost points, not just in refugee camps outside of Syria," explained Fanni.

Since March 2011, the Arab Republic of Syria, which borders with Palestine, has been devastated. Not because it was attacked by another country, but because the military regime of President Bashar Al-Assad went totally berserk responding to the demands of the people who ask for a more just life. The people's rallies in the streets were responded with murder, arrests, tortures, destruction of houses in villages and towns with heavy weaponry.

According to information gathered from various sources, to date, already more than 60 thousands people of Syria, the Sunnis (Ahlussunnah wal Jama'ah), were killed. More than 700 thousands people are fleeing abroad due to the fear of facing the terror of the regime of Al-Assad. According to IDMC (Internally Displacement Monitoring Center) the number of refugees within Syria itself reaches at least 3 millions people.

"Our hearts are shattered to hear the atrocities they experienced in the prisons of this regime," explained Tomi Janto, Team Leader of the Volunteers for Amanah Indonesia-Palestine for Syria (SA2Syria). To date, it is estimated that the regime of Al-Assad has been imprisoning and torturing more than 30 thousands people across the country.

Tomi also expressed his deep sadness after working personally in the corners of the city of Aleppo which is populated by a total of 2 millions people.

"The city of aleppo was torn in two, most have been liberated by the fighters, some are still controlled by the regime. Besides undergoing continuous destruction, our brothers in Aleppo also had to face the freezing winter without electricity in the past four months. The food is getting hard to come by. The water is getting less. Hospitals are flooded with victims of the bombings and snipings by the regime of Al-Assad. We distributed food under the bursts of the bombs, rockets and bangings of the cannons…," Tomi explained.

But this father of four children expressed his gratefulness to Allah, because he and his team work shoulder to shoulder with the humanitarian volunteers from Palestine. In December 2012, when our team of volunteers went to Gaza, the leaders in the region that are still under siege by Israel said, "Bring some of these aids for our brothers in Syria, there are more in need than us," as explained by Fanni. So the mission to Syria this time is the humanitarian mission from the people of two countries, Indonesia and Palestine. Sahabat Al-Aqsa and Sahabat Suriah (Indonesia) join hands with Al-Sarraa Foundation (Palestine).

"This is a beautiful partnership, may Allah be pleased," said Abu Ahmad Ziyad, Director of Al-Sarraa Foundation, a native of Gaza.

According to Abu Ahmad, we are helping the people of Syria not merely for humanitarian reasons, but because "Syria is part of the land of Sham that we must liberate along with Masjidil Aqsa and the holy land of Palestine." In the few days ahead, Sahabat Al-Aqsa and Sahabat Suriah will directly submit reports of our volunteers from the heart of humanitarian disasters in Syria. In shaa Allah.* (Sahabat Al-Aqsa)


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