Sheikhul Mujahideen Of Syria Conducted Jihad Against The Tyrannical Regime To The End Of His Life

30 May 2013

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

This old grandfather had given lessons to this Ummah about the attitude of a Muslim towards his religion. He was not an ulama', nor a person known for pieces of writings that fill the shelves of the library.

People of his age normally spend their time at home with their grandchildren. But he spent his life bearing arms leading his children and grandchildren to fight in Allah's cause, defending the honour of Islam and the Muslims.

The youths who still have the iman, would feel shame because their age are spent by sitting around with no effort for jihad.

He is Al-Hajj Abu Tahyyib Muhammad Thayyib Ismail Al-Ghazal from the region of Saifud Daulah, AlBab city, the province of Aleppo, Syria. He had already reached 84 years of age.

In such an old age, in February 2012 he formed a brigade called Ahfadul Musthafa (or Ahbabul Musthafa). The Brigade has 45 members consisting of his own children, grandchildren and relatives. Earlier, he moved around the regions to conduct jihad until he finally formed a brigade under the Liwa At-Tauhid 

This elderly man who was nicknamed Sheikhul Mujahideen of Syria, became an example and a role model in the family. He taught the members under him how to shoot. He was proficient in shooting since childhood.

His role in the fight against the heinous, as well as evil Bashar Assad was as a sniper. He spent six hours per day carrying the sniping rifle, shooting at the Shi'ah forces of Bashar Assad.

Jihad Against The Zionist

Who would have thought that he had plunged in the ferocious battle against the Zionist Israel. The battle took place in 1967 and also in the 70's. Seeing the deplorable conditions in Syria, he was again bearing arms fighting against the cruelty and kufr similar to the Zionist Israel, namely the tyrannical authority of Bashar Assad's Shi'ah Nusairiyyah.

Reported To Be Shaheed

The Sheikhul Mujahideen of Syria Abu Thayyib Al-Ghazal was once reported to have been shaheedin November 2012. However, he appeared in a video with his grandson from the region of Saifud Daulah, Aleppo, denying the rumour of his death and that he was alive, still given rizq.

One of his grandsons, Umar Ibrahim instead became shaheed (in shaa Allah) earlier than himself and was buried at 7.00 AM on 12th November 2012 in Albab.

Indeed You Have Put The Islamic Youth Who Are Just Sitting Around To Shame

Indeed, it has been like a whip for the Islamic youths who are sitting around. For the youths who viewed his gait and his action in the battle field, they would definitely feel embarrassed because they have not been able to do anything for their religion.

With a sincere soul hoping for the pleasure of Allah, Sheikhul Mujahideen told that there were three reasons why he conducted jihad in the blessed land of Sham. First, to seek shaheed fie Sabilillah. Second, to uplift and pump up the spirits of the youths who are sitting around, not conducting jihad. And third, only he and Allah Azza wa Jalla know the reason.

An Advice For The Syrian National Coalition To Establish The Shari'ah

Sheikhul Mujahidin Abu Thayyib along with the commander of the Liwa At-Tauhid Aleppo appeared in a video with a 03:29 minutes duration delivering a message to the Syrian National Coalition.

"We will not acknowledge you and will not unite with you before you actualize the desire of the Syrian people who raise the banner of Laa ilaaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah i.e. establish the Shari'ah of Allah upon the manhaj of Rasulullah sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam. We also demand that you send aids in weapons, tanks, rockets to us.

If you do not meet those demands, then we will not acknowledge you and we will not unite with you," he said with a voice and accent distinctive for his age.

Bearing Arms Until The End Of His Life

In a video published on YouTube from the 25th until 27th of March 2013 , it showed his persistence and constancy in the path of Jihad. Where, at that time, he was with his sons and grandsons, in the region of Saifud Daulah, Albab city, Aleppo, attacking the buildings which were the hideouts of the forces of Bashar Assad, the enemy of religion and humanity.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Apparently he was in the vanguard bearing an AK-47, firing at the forces of the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad. Now and then he went into the building, and then came out with shots in the direction of the enemy.

Moments approaching his martyrdom, still bearing arms fighting against the tyrannical regime of Shi'ah Nusairiyyah. With great gallantry, he advanced, opening fire at the Bashar's troops.

It was unexpected that those moments would be his last. That smile that creased on the bright face was his last smile. Hence the various jihad groups were in bereavement on his departure as the figure of a father for them. May Allah place him in His paradise, as wide as the heaven and earth, together with the Shuhada's and Prophets, Aamiin.



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