The West Begins Its Scenario In Syria: The Rules Of The Game Of America & Co. In Syria

03 June 2013

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

It has been two years that the people of Syria have sacrificed their energy, property, body and soul for the sake of winning freedom and independence from the murdering regime. Earlier, the Syrian revolutionaries already sought assistance from the UNITED NATIONS, but the result was nothing. As for the Islamic nations, especially the Arab, they showed solidarities that are varied. Ranging from direct funds and arms aids, such as by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Direct political supports such as by Egypt, Palestine and Turkey. As well as nominal supports at best by the Muslim countries of the world in general. Of course, this is the official stance of the countries, whereas the Muslim people of the world are already showing a solidarity that should be appreciated. 

In these two years, America and the UN have deliberately let the war prolong, so that all the infrastructures of Syria are destroyed. In that way, for the next dozen of years, the people of Syria will be preoccupied with the reconstruction of their country.

Next, after all the plans that they have worked on nearly ripen, and the government of Bashar's regime is already on the brink of collapse, America along with its UN start to seek their interests in Syria.

The latest news mentioned that America and a number of European countries such as France, have already started sending arms aid to Syria. And the most important question is: Who are the recipients of the arms aid? 

It is impossible for those arms to be given to Liwa' al-Sham or Jabhat al-Nusrah, which are clearly anti America and the Zionist.

What are the tactics of America and its allies in trying to control Syria?

The RULES OF THE GAMES of America & Co. in Syria are:

1. For the preparation to welcome Bashar's fall, America and its allies have prepared an organization and militia formed inside and outside Syria, which are loyal to the interests of the West.

2. Those organization and militia are then supported with big funds and sophisticated weapons, and then they are made to penetrate the organizations and militias of the fighters that are present in Syria.

3. Besides that, they have also set up armed militias from the ethnic of Kurdistan and allowed the militias of Shi'ah Alawiyah, Iran, Hizbullah, etc. to remain to exist.

4. In that way, after the fall of Bashar, the people of Syria would be divided and easy to be pitted against each other. 

When necessary, then America through its Intelligence will kill a majority of the leaders of the struggle, and accuse certain militia as the culprit.

5. If they're fighting each other, then they are not entitled to take part in the Government. They will be isolated towards the outskirts of Syria, so they are not able to participate in building the infrastructures or receive funds aid.

6. The result, the one that has the authority in the Government, and is receiving huge foreign funds aid -in the West's plan-, is only the bad element that is loyal to the Western interests.

Although the plots of the West and the enemies of Islam are so fierce, our hope on Allah's help is much greater. On the condition that the Islamic fighters maintain the solidarity and unity, obeying all the commandments of Allah, as well as avoiding all His prohibitions. 

The ability of the people of Syria to know who the true warrior is, who is sincere and deserves to be supported, and who will only be the "accomplices" of the West and Iran, in this case is very urgent. The people must be united under the leaders who are sincere, just and independent. 

It is time that the Muslims of the world prepare whatever they have, to help the people of Syria rebuild their nation and country.

And it is time we all realize who are friends and who are foes.

Claiming to be an Islamic country, or having Islam as religion, but are actively murdering and fighting the Muslims, is a clear nifaq and fusuq, and must be halted!

Adapted from the article of Shwikh Muhammad Ibn Saleh al-Munajjid, entitled: "Al Amal Billah Yaghlubu Makhawif al-Mustaqbal al-Mur'ibah." (The Big Hope On Allah, Beats The Dreadful Future).



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