Towards The Subject Matter Of Reality And The War Of The Jihadi Media

03 June 2013

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Sheikh Abu Saad Al Amili-hafidzahullah-in his book, "Towards The Subject Matter Of Reality And The War Of The Jihadi Media (transl.)" explained the importance of the roles and functions of the Jihadi Media in the midst of the Ummah.

He said that the administrators of the Jihadi Media must realize that they are part and parcel of the army of the Ahlul Haq who are ready to meet the enemy, reliving Offensive Jihad (Jihad Al Talab) into the midst of the scene of this Ummah and no longer merely implementing Defensive Jihad (Jihad Difaa'i). We have gone through a defensive phase and the whole debates surrounding it has caught the attention of the enemy and are used by them to cripple the Offensive Jihad, which indeed is the sharpest tip of the weapon possessed by the Islamic Ummah.

He continued his explanation, that today the enemy has mobilized various battalion of the media of sorcery with the target to develop a bad reputation of the Mujahideen and create fitnah against their noble Jihad. Their propaganda of misdirection smites a big blow against this Jihad full of blessings and causes a break or delay of many of the Jihadi projects, in accordance with the taqdirof Allah in which only He Knows the hikmah. In the end, Allah willed to expose the hypocrisy of those various media, that their ugly faces are exposed before the Ummah. All of this happened with the permission of Allah, through the efforts of the various Jihadi Media. The enemy can no longer freely spread fitnah by utilizing these deceiver media, because the Mujahideen and their supporters, through the Jihadi Media, have entered this arena from different doors and openings, so much so that the enemies are unable to contain them. There is always a loophole in which thekalimah of truth can be delivered; falsehood crushed; the whole picture of the battlefield can be published and the weakness of the enemies (which all these while had been hidden) can be exposed. So much so that the enemies are getting more confused and panicked in confronting the surge of Jihad full of blessings.

Managing The Jihadi Media, A Gift

The effort and presence of this Jihadi Media is a very great gift and bestowal for Jihad and the Mujahideen. They (the Jihadi Media) are like a seed that is planted, so they must properly be nourished, watered, so the seed will grow and become a strong tree, and then bear a variety of useful things, by the permission of Allah. Also required are the improvisation and continual development through all our experts in each of their fields, – and walhamdulillah their number is growing. They do not lack anything, except to further improve the coordination, professionalism and make perfect the saf of their ranks, in order to perform the media works that are well-organized, keeping up with the plans and schedules that are rightly guided, and under a leadership that is alert and walking upon the guidance of Truth, just like the jihadi practices in the battle arena.

The roles that are played are; of course to muster moral, spiritual and logistical supports to our soldiers who are fighting. They also give a huge contribution in the amaliyah of Da'wah and I'dad; also in the front of the endless war of psychology, to spread confusion in the ranks of the enemy and instill terror in their hearts. What they are doing is on a par/matches what have been done by the entire Mujahideen Ikhwan in the battle fronts.

We have witnessed –All Praises be to Allah, the increasingly impressive ability of the mimbars of the Jihadi Media. We can measure the level of its influence by evaluating how the enemy confronts them; the enemy endeavors with all the resources that they can afford to stop all these Jihadi Media, cuting off their communication with the masses from among the Ummah and their own people.

Advices To Administrators Of Jihadi Media

Sheikh Abu Saad Al Amili-hafidzahullah- gave an important advice to the administrators of the Jihadi Media, i.e. so that they continue working with full dedication and the firmness of steel. Let all mankind know and understand, that the unit of the Jihadi Media is one of the battalions out of all the Jihad battalions, a military unit of the same military group, one of the faces of the same Jihadi coin. The deeds that you are doing match the battles that are waged in the front lines, because the front line of the battle and the Jihadi Media front are two sides of the same coin.

Next, they must always develop the working methods, and (not less important) how the materials of the Jihadi Media can be widely circulated and distributed; on the other aspect is to increase the security and protection method, so that they can continue their works, and at the same time protect and secure the secrets of all 'members' and writers from the espionage of the thawaghit. Indeed, the value and significance of the jihadi project are not inferior to the soldiers in the battlefields.

Next he gave an advice so that the administrators of the Jihadi Media always double and consolidate coordination with all the existing Jihadi mimbars and websites, with the aim to share experiences; cooperating in the existing fields and expertise to serve Jihad and the Mujahideen. So there is no blank period taking place. If one mimbar (somehow) is absent, then another continues to operate, so that the Mujahideen do not get cut off from all communication with their supporters.

And lastly, they must establish ties with the Mujahideen, increase the range of possible communication channels; communicate with them and maintain the security and confidentiality. So they can immediately publish a variety of things from the Mujahideen, or immediately alert the Mujahideen on various developments related to the future Jihad. Not forgetting, the entiremimbars and Jihadi forum must perfectly protect and guard the informations about their ‘members'. Do not forget, their strength and endurance lies on the security; and motivate the entire ‘members' to increase creativity and productivity that are beneficial for the revival of this Jihad.

Wallahu'alam bis sowab


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