'Urgent message By Association of Muslim Scholars To Iraqi Revolutionaries'

18 June 2014

By Association of Muslim Scholars

Due to major victories bestowed by God to you and for the major defeat suffered by Iraqi people's enemies and destruction of their centers, which represents the falling leaves in autumn, it is crucial to draw your attention to the following points:

We want victory over the enemies and defeat of their conspiracies. God willing we are going to have greater victories in coming days. To this end, we wish to underline the following points:

1. God has bestowed victory to you and this must be appreciated.

2. Your victory has had a major impact inside and outside Iraq. Obviously, the enemy is conspiring [against this victory] full force. They intend to tarnish the image of the revolutionaries.

3. The most important issue now is the victory of our revolution and we must gain the trust of people. The revolutionaries must serve the people. They want to remove injustice against the people. You must safeguard this phenomenon. Must try to turn every liberated city into a symbol for other cities.

4. You must know that liberating people from the tyrants is not an easy task. But, the main issue comes after achieving freedom. The revolutionaries in Mosul, in particular, have taken up the running affairs of the people up to this point. But we must bear in mind that Mosul is a big city and thus requires independent local management and this is very important for the revolutionaries. Therefore, local revolutionary councils must be set up to include all sections of the society.

5. The revolutionaries must be open to people and understand their problems wholeheartedly and try to resolve them.

6. Must try as much as possible to provide the needs of the people. This relates to the fate of tens of thousands of families.

7. Revolutionaries in Mosul, Salaheddin and other liberated areas must pay attention to this.

8. Treatment of minorities must be according to our religious values (treated nicely). The revolutionaries must present a very decent image of themselves to the world. Any restriction against them must be removed. This is very important for protection of the minorities and their beliefs.

9. You must bear in mind a very important issue in relation with other countries and in particular the neighbors; right now, taking hostage Turkish consul and number of others has already turned into a major problem and this has not served the interests of the revolutionaries and their movement. Nobody is allowed to act contrary to the will of people.

10. In the current situation, the most important point is unity and the evil must not be granted the opportunity to carry out its plots. No one is allowed to make strategic decision in this respect. Revolutionaries are no one but part of 30 million Iraqis. People of Iraq are those who have been staging peaceful demonstrations in 16 cities since February 25, 2011, but after few months Maliki opened fire on them. Demonstrations and protests started in six governorates after that. Iraqis held sit-ins for more than a year and presented their just demands but Maliki responded by iron force and fire followed by tanks and heavy weapons leading to hundreds of deaths and injuries. Iraqis were left with no other option but to respond in the same way. That was people's revolution and any movement or group thinking that holds the leadership of the revolution is wrong and lives in illusion... Children of the revolution have decided to remain in conciliation with all those who stand by them in their fight against tyrants… but, they will not allow anyone to snatch their revolution, whoever they might be. They will neither allow anyone to cause sedition among revolutionaries, like what happened in Syria, this will not be in the interests of anyone but the enemies of Iraq and Iraqi people.

11. The revolutionaries' slogan is very clear and it is the same slogan used by Prophet Mohammad when he conquered Mecca and which was forgiveness and compassion. This is what our revolutionary children did… forgiveness is the key to conquer people's hearts. But with respect to tyrants, they will be handed over to a just judiciary system to be tried at the right time in criminal courts. A judiciary system that will not resemble in any way a sectarian and politicized judiciary set up by Maliki. It will not be an establishment to justify killings and contrary to practices of Prophet Mohammad…

12. The target for the revolutionaries now is to reach Baghdad and this is their right, because the ruling regime in Baghdad is a tyranny committing crimes against people… and the revolutionaries have no other alternative but to remove tyranny and injustice. Within this context, we warn against calls on the revolutionaries to move on Najaf and Karbala and other places. Such calls are unacceptable and rejected and it is an irresponsible issue by any one… this will be a prelude to a defeat and diversion from its objective to help the oppressed and will lead to sedition among the united nation. Everybody knows that the majority of Iraqi people in the south reject Maliki and his gang, and like the rest of people they suffer severe injustice and poverty, trampling of their dignity and rights, and the domination of criminal parties and paramilitary forces over them. We advise all revolutionaries to refrain from any act prompted by sectarian emotions. This is what all the known major and minor governments are doing for their destructive agenda against Iraq and the whole region.

We are all the children of the same country and we all work together to remove injustice from all Iraqis without excluding any religion within the society, and prior to that we try for the victory of the religion and restoration of justice and removal of injustice. We do not recognize any distinction among people or various religions since we share the same land and future.

These were our urgent observations. We hope you would pay attention to these points and accept them from your brothers. These observations are the results of past experience… and for you to achieve higher objectives. God willing, we will continue with our contacts with you where ever the interests of all are concerned until the major victory…

Secretariat of the Association of Muslim Scholars


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