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Sing for Brothers The Heroes!

ISIS Singing Chorus "Nasheed," or Heroes' Anthem

11 June 2014

ISIS, ISIS Baby! Jihadists sing for ‘Brothers' The Heroes

Jihadist fighters of the al-Qaeda inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (SISI) has released a music video calling for the release of fellow Islamists detained in Lebanon's largest prison facility, Roumieh.

The video, posted on the popular video sharing website YouTube Sunday, shows a group of masked gunmen seated on the floor chanting behind what appears to be the lead singer.

Shot in a mountainous and remote location, the men are seated in front of the organization's black and white flag. The singing chorus is surrounded by a wide display of weaponry, including rocket-propelled grenades.

The opening is a dedication to the group's "brothers and prisoners in Roumieh [prison], Lebanon."

The song is also a plea to alert Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the organization's leader, of the "circumstances of prisoners at Roumieh prison."

The lead singer also expresses his sadness "of watching militants and policemen" standing between him and his friends in Roumieh.

This is not the first time ISIS has expressed themselves through song. In 2013, an ISIS-affiliated YouTube channel posted a "nasheed," or an anthem, praising their leader and the organization. Another video shows masked gunmen riding horses across the desert with lyrics declaring "we will never surrender."

AES repulses a sortie of infidels from Aleppo central prison

On the night of June 3, a squad of infidels attempted to reach flank positions Mujahideen in a surprise attack near the Aleppo central prison. However, the Jaish al-Muhajireen wal Ansar/Army of Emigrants and Supporters (AES) command was prepared for the unexpected, reports Akhbar Sham.

Barriers and listening posts were set up on the areas where the infidels intended to break through.

On Tuesday night (June 3), the invaders [Assad's forces] moved from the central prison through olive groves, trying to bypass the contact line of Mujahideen. However, an unexpected surprise awaited them. Prearranged groups of the AES suddenly attacked Assadites, scaring them out of senses.

A short but fierce battle followed that ended with infidels fleeing. They left behind on the battlefield at least 10 corpses. A sniper group of Mujahideen fired on them, using night vision goggles.

The infidels retreated behind the prison walls and made no new attempts to move, so far.

AES Mujahideen base bombed by Alawite enemy in Syria

A representative of the command of Jaish al-Muhajireen wal Ansar/Army of Emigrants and Supporters (AES) confirmed reportd, distributed in recent days by Assadites and several social networks about a bombing of its base in the populated area of Hraytan in Aleppo province. But the command refuted infidels claims of large losses among the Mujahideen, reports Akhbar Sham.

Several media sources say that the bombing was carried out against "a Caucasus Emirate base in Syria".

It is to be recalled, that in recent months, the AES entered the forefront of Syrian Mujahideen in Aleppo, and carried out most successful offensive operations against infidels.

The bomb attacks on the AES base took place on May 28 and 29. The wave included 3 barrel bomb, which exploded near the base and did not cause much damage.

The second wave of aerial attacks was carried out by Assadites at 7 am on May 29. 10 barrel bombs were dropped from enemy choppers. In addition, infidels attacked the base with assault planes which fired 3 missiles.

As a result, the building of the base suffered significant damage but casualties were minimal. 1 Mujahid, Abdul Wahhab Kabardinsky, martyred. Four Mujahideen were lightly wounded by glass, and had minor cuts and contusions.

Another Mujahid fell into the basement from the 4th floor as a result of the floor collapse. But he stayed alive. Praise Allah, he did not suffer serious injuries, except for a moderate one on his back.

Apart from that, 1 Zushka and 2 light machine guns belonging to Mujahideen were destroyed. There were no other losses or damage.


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