Tikrit Captured, Fightings Taking Place Near Samarra: Thousands Of Shiites Captured

14 June 2014

By Markaz Kavkaz

Arab and Western sources report that Sunni troops and Iraqi Mujahideen units recaptured Tikrit from Shiite troops of al-Maliki. From 3 to 4 thousand Shiites captured.

A video clip showing Shiite prisoners passing along the road has been published on YouTube. It is to be recalled that Tikrit is the hometown of Saddam Hussein, who was executed by Americans with hands of Shiites.

Previously, the second largest Iraqi city of Mosul fell into the hands of ISIL and groups of local Sunni tribes. The Shiite army who left the city left behind a lot of different weapons and equipment, including dozens of tanks, rocket launchers, armored personnel carriers and ammunition. Retreating Shiite gangs left at the local airport American-made gunships.

Part of trophies ISIL have already deployed to Syria in the area of Deir al-Zor.

Shiite regime fears that a general advance of Sunni units will be sent to Baghdad. Al-Maliki announced a general mobilization of the Shiites. From Syria to Iraq is sent back a Shiite brigade Abu Fadl al-Abbas, which was previously focused on helping Bashar Assad.

Arab media have reported fierce fighting near the city of Samarra, which is 120 km away from Baghdad.

On Thursday evening, it was reported that the Mujahideen seized two more settlements to the north-east of Baquba - Jalaula city and town of al-Saadi.

In social media published details of the attack of units of Jabhat an-Nusra/Victory Front (VF) on the base of the 14th Regiment of the Shiite Iraqi army in the neighborhood of al-Qaem. Also reported the capture of trophies from Shiite army on the territory of Iraq and the transfer of captured military hardware to the city of Abu Kamal in Syria.

It also reported that Kurdish troops continued redeployment of its forces in Kirkuk. Kurds removed flag of Shia regime and hoisted over the city its own banner.

Western media reported that the US intends to help Shiite puppet regime in Baghdad, but it is not a ground operation. "It's not an option", said the representative of the US State Department.

Earlier, Obama said the United States is considering various options for action, "and the use of military force is possible in case of a threat to US national interests".

In turn, the Baghdad regime announced that in conjunction with the armed groups of Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga intends to take back Mosul. Western media reports that on Thursday Mosul and Tikrit were subjected to air strikes.

Meanwhile, up to 500,000 refugees left Mosul and Tikrit fearing of bombings by aircraft of Shiite regime and US drones.



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