Iraqi Muslim Scholars React To New Political Climates In Baghdad and America’s Involvements

20 August 2014

The Association of Muslim Scholars

An open letter to the Iraqi people and the heroes revolutionaries, and new prime minister and Sunni politicians and others

((Consider not that Allah is unaware of that the wrong-doers do, but He gives them respite up to a Day when the eyes will stare in horror)) [Ibrahim: 42]

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions and allies, and after:

O our great people of Iraq

Thanks to God, an idol of the current political process has been fallen, that created to service the major goals of the two countries U.S and Iran, where both countries have been forced to take this step under the pressure of the Iraq's popular revolution, after both of them were insisting on him, and this is just the beginning, many collapses will be continued, God willing.

What happened in compatibility with the key players in the fate of Iraq and the Iraqis by choosing another figure from the same party (Dawa) for the fourth time respectively, a step indicates that no of the brute powers that controlling Iraq - depending on the great services done by this party for them - want to waive it.

Although we believe that the game is still in the hands of the colonial powers, however, they have not yet abandoned its goals in Iraq; but any newcomer who wants to turn the page of injustice, and starts a new era in Iraq; So he can manage - if willing - to do the following:

First: Relieve the oppressed, and stop the criminality of government against the uprising provinces, and others, by prevention the dropping of barrel bombs on civilians in Fallujah, Garma, Hawija and others, and stop the targeting of the cities with heavy artillery and fighter jets, which still ongoing until now.

Second: Release hundreds of thousands of prisoners of men, women and children and the elderly, who imprisoned years ago wrongfully without trials.

Third: Prevent militia activity which practiced sectarian killings and displacement, which did not cease throughout the rule of predecessors.

Fourth: Ending the policy of exclusion and marginalization of the people of Iraq, and to preserve what's left of their money as much as he could.

Fifth: Hold a trial of all who committed crimes against the Iraqi people and has carried out killing, displacement and theft of public money.

VI: Re-displaced the displaced persons to their homes safe and secure from the oppression of the powerful militia.

But the important question is : Is the newcomer today can do so, or it is a new episode in a series of death which is not meant to be finished till eliminate all that is good in Iraq; because the required today is not changing faces, but what is needed is to change the conditions to achieve justice for all Iraqis, and preserves the unity of Iraq and its social fabric, and this is what will be revealed by the coming days.

But you, Sunni politicians; what you will do now .. We warn you from falling into the sins affecting the people's rights and their future, as what many of you did with the previous government and the former ones, by betrayal the revolution, or instigation of it, or involvement in the fight against it, this is the revolution of an oppressed people, you claim that you represent his issue, also we warn you of exploiting of what you think that it is an opportunity to push the country to the danger of division, this time you will not find tolerant of your people, nor forgiveness.

And you, politicians all, what you will do after an era was filled with blood and corruption, and damage to Iraq and its people, and you are before any others know very well that Iraq will not witness any stability, or interruption of the bloody bombings and painful assassinations, and dangerous conditions at the political, economic, social and other; so long as the political process which made ??by the American occupation and built on the same foundations, the people will not enjoy its wealth or minima of the necessities of life, if the big thieves still at the helm, or still having the reins of wealth, a fact many people may refuse to hear from us now, and consider it as unjustified pessimism, but the day will come - as it happens every time - where these themselves say to us you are saying the truth.

But you, the heroes revolutionaries of Iraq whom give your lives cheap in the way of Allah, then for the sake of freedom and dignity of your people, you have to know that, ousting a tyrant who tasted his people over the torment, is a celestial medal honoring you, that many others were unable to get it, even though they were named him the dictator and the corrupt , and the glosser over the killers and robbers the people's money, and we asking you not to waive any of the rights of your people, that you have revolted - and still - in order to achieve them.

We know, ye revolutionaries, that there are who harmed your revolution, and deviated in some fields off track, and also there is a new international coalition is about to take various pretexts; as a gateway to nip this revolution, and wasting the rights of the oppressed, and wasting a golden opportunity had people waiting indeed for salvation from injustice and suffering; but these obstacles will be gone, God willing, and the history of the popular revolutions had this pattern of surprises; so should not let wasting your efforts, do not stop your march, and as successfully your revolution to overthrow a dangerous idol, it is able to make a lot of achievements to your people, and as for the people who hurt the people and got him, the nation will not forgive them, and will punish them, and there is no right lost when a demander exists.

On this occasion, the Association confirms that the fundamentals of the stance from the occupation and its political process does not vary with changing shapes and governments, nor by words and wishes; but it varies by changing deeds and facts, and by sincere efforts on the ground and in the fact, and it warns the Iraqi people and the other of dangling by honeyed promises of newcomers, they will be tested at the first opportunity and the closest position requires the criterion between what is right and what is wrong, and the right step is to transfer of all Iraqis of all sects and components, to safety and state-building through a project represents all of them, not a project limited to the imposed tyrants, away from their real choices.

The Association also alerting all who welcomed the arrival of the new governor to the Green Zone; should beware of exploiting the Iraqi scene for the application of the policy (impunity) for the interest of the former prime minister, and all those involved with crimes against the Iraqi people, namely, (war crimes), that has been committed in the framework of general plans and policies and is not as a personal or partial, as well as being (genocide) and (crimes against humanity); because it targeted - by total or partial destruction - a certain groups of the population for overlapping reasons : national, racial and religious, and has been done under widespread and systematic attack against a large sector and well-known of the population.

May Allah save a united Iraq and save Iraqis and bring them back to safety and security, certainly He is The All-Hearer.

General Secretariat

21 Shawal 1435 AH

17 August 2014 AD.

The Association of Muslim Scholars 


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