Afghan Idols And A Farce Election: Dancing To The Master's Tune

09 September 2014

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Besides violently imposing itself Internationally through invasions and occupations, the United states has also been actively busy in exporting its 'culture'. From fast food chains selling barely palatable snacks to immoral Hollywood movies and sitcoms. All this seems to be designed to create an international public that would be less violently opposed to the ideal of an American Empire.

A clear case of exporting the American Culture is the TV show "Idols". From American Idols to Afghan Star (the Afghan name for the program); the program has been seen in 46 regions around the world, with its various versions broadcast to 150 countries and an estimated 6.5 billion viewers around the world having watched variants of the show. The shows concept elevates the singing and dancing ability of its participants to a virtue, and the winners of this frivolous show may call themselves their Nations next Idol. The participants and winners of the show, and millions of its viewers are being brainwashed with concepts alien to most countries where it is shown.


An Idol in Islamic Jurisprudence is called an Taghut. The Islamic term Idol/Taghut is much broader that the statues prayed to by polytheists. It encompasses all that is willingly worshipped to, besides Allah. So the Pharaoh in the story of Moses is a Taghut for calling himself a god. The Devil is a Taghut trying to lure men away from the straight path. But also legislators, judges and politicians ruling with a law other than the Law given by God are termed Taghut. This because they allowed themselves to take a position which is reserved to Allah alone. Allah is The Legislator and all laws should be in compliance to the Shariah, or religious laws.

And so we had two elections of the next Afghan Idol/Taghut in 2014. One of the singing and dancing variant, and one of the puppet and tyrant variant.

The contestants

The semblance between both the Idol contests starts right from the beginning. There were the singers who are being vetted and chosen by a Studio panel even before the actual voting by the audiences at home, there is the selection of potential Presidential candidates and their Henchmen by the Occupation forces. And that is why we don't see teachers from Laghman or doctors from Jalalabad participating. No, instead we see the same pro-western crooks that have been selling out the country, bleeding it to death.

The actual elections

The actual election saw the participation of 7 million Afghans (the votes weren't counted yet but the number of voters was splashed all over the news) that braved the rain, and of course potential violence, which shows that Afghans want democracy. The elections were a show of the declining power of the Taliban. This at least, is what we were told by all major media outlets.

But the real picture was far from what the media wants us to believe. And even this part is not very unlike the music contest.



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