America Expands Its War On Islam To Syria. 120 Muslims Martyred, 300 Wounded On Day 1

22 September 2014

By Markaz Kavkaz

America said it attacked Syria, and its aircraft started killing Muslims also in this country. According to American spies posted on the ground as human rights activists, during the first day of the attack, America martyred 120 and wounded 300 Muslims using 160 bombs.

America alleges it and its allies "are fighting against the Ad Dawla al-Islamiyya/Islamic State (IS)".
America said in the attack on the positions of the IS, they used aircraft and Tomahawk missiles. No other details were disclosed.

Washington informed the bloody Assad regime of air strikes on Syria in advance because Assad thugs do not belong to Islam. Syria's representative to democratic u-nations said Americans had told him about the strikes on the positions of the IS in the city of Raqqa. A checkpoint and the surrounding areas were bombed.

Meanwhile, al-Jazeera, citing local activists, reported that the territory of Idlib was also subjected to democratic American killings, although there are no IS units there. More than 20 civilians have been killed by democrats as a result of the strikes (see the video of bombardments of Idlib). And in this video, filmed in the morning of 23 September after night bombardments, see the villages of Kafar Darya in Idlib.

In addition, it is reported that American aircraft bombed the positions of Jabhat an-Nusta/Victory Front (VF).

A number of American media outlets indicate that both the IS positions and the positions of VF, which is a part of al-Qaeda and with which the US has long been at war, have been subjected to strikes. Local sources also reported in social networks on missile strikes on Deir Zor and Aleppo suburbs.

Some Arab countries are helping America. According to Obama, Bahrein, Jordan, Saudia, Qatar and the UAE are participating in the World Democracy War against Islam in Syria.

Meanwhile, Putin spoke out against the bombardments, saying that the US "must coordinate with the Syrian government". The Assad regime also spoke against the air raids and demands from Washington to "get permission from Damascus".

Moscow suspects that the true motives of America is the overthrow of the Assad regime. Russia also refused to join America in this front of World Democracy's War coalition against Islam. It has its own front in the Caucasus Emirate. Turkey also refused. Turkish authorities said they would not allow the use of its air bases to attack Syria. France also refused to attack Syria.

Meanwhile, the IS units captured in dozens of villages, abandoned by the America-friendly Kurds in northern of Syria. More than 130,000 Kurds fled to Turkey, leaving their villages. IS forces approached the city of Kobani (aka Arab al-Ain), where the main militants of Kurdish groups are stationed. Information has been reported in the social networks on the eve about the capture by the IS of dominant hills around the city and telecommunication towers.



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