New Wave Of American Air Strikes On Syria

29 September 2014

By Markaz Kavkaz

On the night of September 24, aircraft of America and proxies from a so-called coalition conducted new raids into Syria. Bombardments and missile attacks targeted positions and headquarters of Jabhat an-Nusra/Victory Front (VF) in Aleppo.

The positions of the Ad Dawla al-Islamiyya/Islamic State (IS) in the cities of al-Bab, Deir ez-Zor and Sirrin were also subjected to bombardments and missile attacks. Tel Abyad, on the border with Turkey, was not attacked last night. This was reported by residents of the Turkish city of Aksakal which is located opposite to Tel Abyad. They did not hear any explosions.

According to information circulated in social networks, bases of the Ahrar ash-Sham/Free Men of Levant (FML) were attacked in the previous night.

The Pentagon said the missiles used in terrorist air strikes were launched from ships in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

A photo of pilots of Saudi Arabia, who are taking part in the bombardments of Syria together with the infidels, has been circulated in the network. The Saudi palace "scholars" declared these pilots "real Mujahideen" who "defend Islam".

Meanwhile, more and more video materials showing results of bombardments and missile attacks have been published. Local sources report about dozens of dead women and children who are first victims of night raids by the US-led coalition forces (see the video).

Here's another video, uploaded on the net today. In addition to those martyred, more children were wounded and maimed (see video 1 and video 2).

This video shows the results of the attack on a passenger bus near the town of al-Bukamal.

26 civilians, including 6 children and 4 women from the same family of local villager Barakat, were martyred in the village of Kfar Derian.

During the air raids and missile strikes, one of the leaders of al-Qaeda, Muhsin al-Fadhli, who was very close to martyred Sheikh Osama bin Laden also martyred. The American invaders considered him the main financier of al-Qaeda. In Syria, he was a part of the leadership of the VF.

If to believe the Americans, it was Muhsin al-Fadhli who planned attacks on America, and it was him who created the Khorasan Group (KG), which, according to American allegations, is "more dangerous than the IS".

In Syria, Muhsin al-Fadhli acted as a special envoy of the central command of al-Qaeda, and then became one of the Emirs of the VF.

World Plutocracy's newspapers report that before starting its attacks, America notified Iran and Assad regime of its plans. At the same time, America assured Iran that it would not bomb the Assad regime troops.

According to sources inside Syria, raids of Americans and their proxies targeting positions of the VF and the IS enabled the Assad regime to focus on attacks against other groups of Mujahideen.

Thus, America and proxies took upon themselves the main forces fighting against Assad and by doing so they allowed the Alawite regime to attack other freedom fighting groups. It is the triumph of the Ba'ath Party strategy and the Shiite Iran, some Arab analysts say. According to them, the events in neighboring Iraq should be viewed in the context of this particular strategy.

Meanwhile, demonstrations against the raids on Syria took place in Turkey (see the photo) and Germany (see the photo). In turn, Turkish authorities reported that they had deported more than 1,000 people who were trying to get inside Syria to participate in military operations against the Assad regime.

Meanwhile, bombardments and missile attacks go on. The death toll is increasing. 30 martyred and wounded civilian Muslims, hit by the US, have been delivered to field hospitals in the province of Idlib.



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