Iraqi Muslim Scholars Voices Out On The New America’s International Coalition Against The So-Called Terrorism

19 September 2014

The Association of Muslim Scholars

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Compassionate

Statement concerning the new international coalition against the so-called (terrorism)

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions and allies. And after:

In hotly global pursuit, alliances has been formed and conferences have been held in the context of joint action and held military alliances to hit the so-called (terrorism) in all of Iraq, Syria, and periods put to this international war, by the accounts of a number of Western and Arab officials, ranging from three to ten years, without reveal till now what this coalition holds of surprises, and what its activities will excrete as repercussions on the region and the world.

Besides, if the militants number of the targeted organization does not exceed thirty thousand at top expectations, according to reports and CIA, does not possess modern and lethal weapons, such as those owned by its opponents; It is unreasonable to mobilize all the energies against it only, and this raises a lot of questions about the real objectives behind this coalition, and the fate which will be to Iraq and Syria, and the region, after this long-term conflict, and the combat violent activities?

Based on the above, we record openly and frankly what is to come:

First, the insistence of the international community to start from the results, ignoring address the root causes and its developments that it shows concern of them; will not settle the matter, The situation existing in Iraq and Syria created and contributed to the composition of several factors, including: the unspeakable injustice upon the two peoples, especially in Iraq after the American occupation, then Iranian influence, the first beneficiary of the occupation and collaborating with it over the past years, through the tools of political and security situation in the country, a policy that Iranians continued to adopt sectarian cleansing by killing, arresting, torturing and exclusion; and unless remedy this injustice done, the international community will not be able _ If intentions true _ to handle the results.

Second: The targeting of the organization by bombing, its members are scattered among civilians; will lead to the raise of the death toll of civilians, who will be the number of the victims were the greatest, this would generate a sense at the side of the Sunnis of Iraq that the international community targeted them primarily base on component, the culture and doctrine, that take the war as a cover for it; this will lead to the reaction of a strong and growing feelings of injustice, and to strengthen the influence of the choice of resistance; because people will be rushed instinctively to maintain themselves and their beliefs and culture, and will engage more volunteers from the Muslim world to the region and involve with the struggle for the same reasons, and if what tricks between him and it, they will hurt scorn, and dispels desires revenge in targeting the interests of the countries participating in the coalition, internally and externally, and this would not be in the interest of any one, and this will complicate the scene, and it will sap the last bit of hope of the just and lasting solution, and keep the region and the world in the case of an unstable situation.

Third: It is so strange that countries resort to the longer and the highest cost way, in dealing with this issue, while have a shortcut route, and less expensive, and does not need a cost prohibitive international coalition, the paved road will be achieved by the followings:

A- The recognition of the disability of the ongoing political process in Iraq since ten years to achieve the needed solution to the abnormal situation in Iraq, which has contributed its establishment, its components from the parties and elements loyal to the State of neighboring Iran, a country that is known to have a major interest in the continuing chaos across Iraq, and to keep the allies on the helm, and in military institutions and the security services, not to mention its militias that support these devices to work within the plans put by it, which exclusively serve its national and expansionist intentions in the region.

B- Renounce the sectarian and ethnic quota system "Muhasasah", that caused to tear Iraq apart and turn it into a weak state, easely penetrated by urgent organizations and security services and military institutions of the States, as well as the global mafia and others, and in particular the implications of this system; now reflected negatively on the international community because of the complexities of the historical, social and geopolitical on the region.

C- Open the way for Iraqis to rebuild their country, on the correct basis, and away from sectarian quotas and ethnic groups, to help set the strategic balance in the region, and to achieve peace and social security in the region and the world, although we are fully aware that there are major powers and minor ones dislike this solution ; because they build their strategy on the disintegration of Iraq and the region, and developed scenarios to accommodate surprises and possibilities in order to ensure the success of this strategy, but it is clear that these countries made ??mistakes that each one costs a price should be paied in many cases, Iraq's site for the region and the world is extremely sensitive, which was a point of balance across the histroy, and what happened after 2003 is the manipulation of this balance; where overlap at home players from everywhere and considerable disruption happened, the world began to suffer from it now and the defect will remain unless it is bring Iraq back to its normal status as an independent stable country returns to the region and the world this point of balance, and alleviate compete internationally on it.

The observer of the Iraqi affair finds no trouble in the stand on the fact that the repercussions began to spin out of control, and began to push the international and regional poles to to be fault and enter into an international conflict, no one can speculate what would disclose in future, and in our appreciation that as we posed, the international community - if it will - has an opportunity may not be repeated to fix things and to stop the dangerous developments, and has Forewarned is forearmed.

General Secretariat
22 / Thul-Qadah / 1435 AH
17/ September / 2014 AD.


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