Statement of Pakistani Taliban (TTP Central) About Their "Former" Spokesman Who Has Allegedly Given Baya (Allegiance) To Jama'at Al-Dawla (ISIS)

19 October 2014

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Shaahidullah Shaahid is an “imaginary” name which is used by a person who becomes Spokesman of TTP Central.

Shaykh Maqbool has also been spokesman of TTP Central, Therefore, he was called Shashidullah Shaahid.

Long ago, another brother had replaced Shaykh Maqbool and was promoted to spokesman of TTP (Means, He became Shahidullah Shahid).

We did not announce that due to our policy. But Shaykh Maqbool used this name (Shahidullah Shahid) for his individual purpose.

We want to make it clear that Shaykh Maqbool is not Shaahidullah Shaahid (He’s not our Spokesman anymore).

As for the Baya to ISIS, Emir of TTP Central, Mulla Fazlullah (Hafizahu Allah) has already cleared that our baya is to Emir al-Mominin Mulla M. Omar (Hafizahu Allah).

Lastly, We will soon announce the name of our New Spokesman.


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