Statement Of Islamic Emirate Regarding The New Handpicked US Employee In Kabul

21 October 2014

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

From the first day of occupation of Afghanistan, the American invaders have also employed various dramas, projects and processes to fool the Afghan masses but all have been humiliating failures, all praise is due to Allah alone.

From amongst the deceptive attempts to fool the Afghans were the process of elections which have repeatedly faced failure and exposed its true nature to the masses. In order to give this sham election process a facelift, new American employees for the Kabul administration, Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah, were declared the next so-called President and Chief Executive for the upcoming five year period by an American envoy.

Such peculiar actions are meaningless under the shadow of occupation and it is only the opinion of the occupiers which believes they have fooled the Afghans and attained their goals namely signing of the Security Agreement.

Inaugurating Ashraf Ghani and installing a freshly ordered administration is in no way acceptable to the Afghans. Just as its process was bogus and humiliating so is its result shameful and such selected faces have always been rejected by the Afghans throughout their history.

The Americans must understand that this soil belongs to us; decisions and resolutions here are only made by the Afghans and not by American Foreign Ministers or envoys.

We believe that the propaganda campaigns under the guise of elections, the sham vote casting exercise, its problematic counting, threats, quarreling and in the end the open American intervention and its magistrative role in appointing victor as well as the masses bearing the economical, mental and other burdens of this long drawn out drama have further exposed the plots of the invaders to each individual and further established the invaders as the brutal enemies of our religion, country, prestige and national unity.

We once again reject this American effort aimed at fooling the Afghans and vow to continue waging armed Jihad until we have completely cleansed our country from occupation and paved the road for a pure Islamic government.

A few pro-American stooges and blackened faces in our history that have a long record in the destruction of our country can never be forced upon the Afghans as their representatives and neither are the Afghans orphans who would accept these hollow characters as their leaders. The Islamic Emirate, as a responsible side, considers these bogus elections, its shameful process and the coming about of a unity government as an American plot and neutralizing it as obligation of each and every Muslim.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

27/11/1435 Hijri



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