At Last, The Invaders Packed Up To Leave Helmand!

29 October 2014

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

It is to be said that first, thanks to the special help of Allah, the Almighty, and the immense sacrifices of the Afghan mujahid nation, the invaders evacuated their Grand Military Base of Bastion in Helmand province on Sunday, 26 October 2014.

No doubt, the bloodiest attacks by mujahideen during the past 13 years, forced the invading enemy to leave. The official statistics by the enemy puts British casualties at 500 soldiers however the actual number of casualties is more than the official figures. These are the figures of life losses; the number of the handicapped soldiers reaches tens of thousands of troops.

Leaving the large Military Base, the American and British military top brass opined that they were pleased to hand over responsibilities to those who have been trained by them and have the capacity to discharge their responsibilities.

If we ponder, the intention behind these assertions is that the invaders will be safe hereafter and the Afghans will undergo sacrifices for the invader’s objectives. This is a pity that the American and British objectives are achieved at the cost of the blood of the Afghan oppressed people!

The people who are fighting with their people instead of invaders have been kept unaware of realities while some work for them out of financial constraints. Only a little number of people may intend to intentionally ruin both their present world and the world to come for the fulfillment of the objectives of the unbelieving invaders. But it is an obvious fact that the rulers of the Kabul Administration knowingly sacrifice the unaware and innocent sons of Afghan Nation for the objectives of the occupying power and for lining up their pockets.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on all those people who are fighting against their people as proxy of the invaders that they should use their sagacity. Do not fight in support of the enemy of Islam and the enemy of ours and your forefathers. You may have realized as of now that the invaders do not care about our people. The rulers of Kabul Administration are supporting the invaders for their personal interest in contradiction of our religion, faith and the will of people. The recent example in hand is the publication of an article in Kabul a few days ago in which senseless notions of blasphemy were incorporated against Allah, the Almighty.

Is this the demand of Islam and the Afghan code of honor to lay down one’s self for an evil system where hollow and senseless notions are uttered against Allah, the Almighty? The rulers of the Kabul Administration have been tasked to open handedly commit such ridiculous crimes; still more, no goodness can be expected from them! You should defend the sanctities of Islam. Taking advantage of the opportunities, turn the barrels of your guns towards enemies and thus along with your people, participate in the historical pride of obtaining freedom.

At the end, we pray to Allah, the Almighty, to expel the remaining invaders from our blessed soil, so that the afghan people lead a peaceful, honorable and prosperous life under the shadow of an Islamic system in an atmosphere of freedom.


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