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An Appeal For The Release Of Alan Henning By The Widow Of A British Doctor Killed In Syria

10 October 2014


As British Parliamentarians overwhelmingly voted for a decision which will ultimately lead to the deaths of thousands of innocent people, CAGE on Friday (26/9/2014) exclusively releases the first appeal of the wife of the late Dr Abbas Khan in which she calls for the release of British citizen and aid worker Alan Henning. Dr Abbas Khan was a British aid worker who was killed in Syria while providing humanitarian aid and medical assistance to those most in need. She talks of the qualities of her husband and makes an appeal for mercy and clemency to Mr Henning’s captors.

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

A humble call to the men of the Islamic State from Umm Abdullah, the widow the martyr -by Allah’s permission- Dr. Abbas Khan who left behind his family and children to relieve the oppressed. He worked day and night in field hospitals until the cruel hands were laid on him, leading him to the dungeons of humiliation and torment, in which he fulfilled his role and returned to His Rabb, and it is on Our Rabb the most Merciful, to reward him immeasurably.

This is my call to you, in which I beg you in the name of our Almighty to protect Alan Henning and release him. By Allah I cannot see you killing him after he left his joyful world for no purpose other than aiding our Muslim women and children in Shaam.

I remind myself and you that our Prophet peace be upon him fulfilled Umm Hanee’s request and spared a man’s life, and of Our Rabb’s words ” And if anyone of the Mushrikeen seeks your protection then grant him protection, so that he may hear the Word of Allah (the Qur’an), and then escort him to where he can be secure” I ask you in the name of Allah to release him.

Following the footsteps of Umm Hanee’s, I – Umm Abdullah- as a widow of a shaheed and a daughter of a shaheed, request you to protect him, and release him to a secure place.

If you see any right of ours upon you, then I ask you by Allah to observe it. In our deen, the ihsaan of Alan has no reward other than ihsaan.

I remind you of our Prophet’s forgiveness in the time of strength.

Walhamdulillah Rabbil aalaameen wassalaamu alaikum warhmatullah wa barakatuh.

Jazakallah khair


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