From Khalid Amayreh To Binyamin Netanyahu - Intoxicated By Material Power And Foolishness

01 October 2014

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

I am not going to address you with the usual "Dear Sir" or "Gentleman." You obviously deserve neither of the honorary titles. You are a mass murderer par excellence, of Adolph Hitler's and Joseph Stalin's ilk.

What else can be said of you in light of all that you have done to the people of Gaza?

As a Palestinian, I have every right to compare you with the worst offenders in history. In the final analysis, when people think, behave and act like the Nazis thought, behaved and acted, they become Nazis themselves.

Don't say Jews cannot become Nazis. Nay! They can and they have.

But I am not writing in order to remind you of who you are and what you have done. The fact that you have lost the moral ability and intellectual honesty to realize your own evilness will make any appeal to your morality or common sense infinitely futile.

Criminals are criminals. They are stripped of any moral conscience. Otherwise they would not commit their crimes. I have absolutely no hope that you will ever be redeemed or revert to humanity. Obviously, it is too late for you to become human, let alone humane.

I am actually writing to rid you of the illusion that you have won. Yes you have inflicted a real holocaust on our people.

Yes, your army has murdered and maimed tens of thousands of innocent civilians.

Yes¸ you have utterly destroyed thousands of homes, mosques, hospitals, colleges and other public buildings. And, yes, you have morphed Gaza into a modern-day Dresden. Yes, you have done that and much more.

But do the wanton destruction of buildings and annihilation of children and women make you victorious? Perhaps they do, especially when we are talking about sadistic and cannibalistic people.

But if wholesale murder and wholesale destruction are the hallmark of victory, then Adolph Hitler must have been the greatest victor in history. Like you, he murdered many many innocent people, including Jews.

But Hitler ultimately found a lasting place in the dustbin of history. I am sure you will ultimately find yours.

Mr. Netanyahu: This enduring conflict will not be determined by how many Palestinian babies and nursing mothers you murder or by how many apartment buildings and mosques you destroy. Nations don't achieve victory by launching a holocaust against innocent civilians huddled in fear in their refugee camps or apartment building. Yet this is what your evil Wehrmacht and SS have just done in Gaza. Don't lie: Your Nazi-like crimes in Gaza are too conspicuous for any attempt at mitigation or extenuation.

As a person who has been through it all from creation to destruction, I believe the conflict will be decided by other factors that are generally known to some of your wise people but arrogantly and impetuously dismissed by shortsighted politicians like yourself.

I have no shred of doubt that victory will not be on your side. Remember, your evil precursors fell down and evaporated into history not because they lacked military might.

Military might is not everything. Military might, devoid of moral power, is doomed. And you have no moral power whatsoever, notwithstanding your hasbara mendacity.

I don't know when your Israel will become history. Certainly, this won't happen tomorrow. But it will happen nonetheless, probably sooner than many people, Jews and non-Jews, think.

The God of Israel, who is also the God of Muhammad and God of Jesus and our God, is a just God. He says in your scripture and in our scripture He won't allow evil people like you to prosper. He will not allow you to prosper. He will not allow your nefarious state to prosper either. God would be unjust if did.

So, for the time being, you may continue to bask in your diabolical arrogance and impetuousness, but your end is surely coming. It is actually looming on the horizon. Never mind, call me an Arab daydreamer.

But I am really sorry for your people who elected you as their leader. Obviously you deserve each other. Your arrogance, recalcitrance and nefariousness may temporarily appease their sadistic whims and cannibalistic tendencies. But this will eventually lead them to disaster, an irreversible disaster of historical proportions. Have you read Josephus' the Jewish war?

Mr. Netanyahu, your criminality, arrogance, and mindlessness are leading your people to yet another tragedy, a seemingly ineluctable one, perhaps the mother of all tragedies.

I know you won't pay the slightest attention to any premonitions. But this is characteristic of all impetuous people, like you, who are intoxicated by their material power and foolishness.

Khalid Amayreh is a veteran Palestinian journalist and political commentator living in al-Khalil in Occupied Palestine.


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