The Brutal Ugliness Of The Israeli-Jewish Mentality: Investigating Hamas's Crimes! Satanic Mentality - Evil Cult

05 October 2014

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

It is really hard to underestimate the brutal ugliness of the Jewish-Zionist mentality. This is why serious and honest writers should never flinch from comparing Israel, its actions and behaviors with Nazi Germany, its actions and behavior.

Some writers and intellectuals would simply cringe and cower at the first test. They would betray their conscience as soon as the Judeo-Nazis start hurling at them the false charges of anti-Semitism.

They would stop calling the spade a spade, especially when they see the figurative implement firmly in the evil hands of the Judeo-Nazis, the Zionist Jews, and the Nazis of our time.

Others, who value their rectitude and moral conscience, wouldn't be intimidated by the vociferousness of Zionist barking.

But these are few in numbers, and are likely to suffer marginalization and estrangement as a result of upholding their moral conscience.

Well, truly great people are always small in number.

Investigating Hamas's crimes!

A few days ago, the Israeli media reported that some Zionist circles had urged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to investigate the apparently accidental death of a Jewish settler child during the recent Israeli holocaust in Gaza.

Three or four Israeli civilians were killed purportedly by projectiles fired from the Gaza Strip on nearby Jewish settlements. But there has been no independent or third- party confirmation that the few civilian casualties on the Israeli side were indeed caused by the nearly notoriously inaccurate and virtually innocuous rockets fired from the besieged Gaza Strip.

On the other hand, it is now confirmed beyond any shred of doubt that as many as 2200 Palestinians, mostly innocent civilians, were brutally murdered and that as many as 13,000 others were wounded, many with serious injuries and disabilities that would stay with them for the rest of their lives.

It is also believed that as many as 500 Palestinian children were killed and several thousand others were injured in the recent Gaza holocaust.

In addition to human losses, the Israeli forces utterly destroyed some 50,000 houses, and many other buildings. Hospitals, colleges and other public buildings were also destroyed. Some Old German citizens have compared the recent Gaza holocaust with the fire-storm bombing of the city of Dresden in 1945.

Satanic Mentality

For those unaware of the Talmudic mentality that shapes and rules the collective classical Jewish-Zionist mind, it may be difficult to understand the fact that most Jews in Israel and abroad give far more attention to the death of a single Jewish child than they would give to the mass murder of thousands of non-Jewish children. The classical Jewish motto, proclaimed by most Zionist rabbis is that a thousand Arab lives are not worth a Jew's fingernail!

Yet this factual truth, which no amount of hasbara (Zionist propaganda) or disinformation or deliberate malicious lies could blur or obliterate, is an outstanding fact of life in Israel today.

Look, this is not a theatrical propaganda contest between a Palestinian writer and the Israeli hasbara machine. I am always willing and ready to prove the veracity of every word I write and substantiate every accusation I make against Zionist Jews...

I actually challenge any Jewish writer or intellectual from Tel Aviv to New York and from Sydney to Los Angeles to prove me wrong. But I won't stop calling the spade a spade especially when the spade happens to be in the hands of my people's grave-diggers.

Besides, I' m not really overly eager to demonize Jews or their religion. In fact, I am mainly interested in making people, including Jews; discover the extent to which Zionist supremacists have deviated from the authentic teachings of Judaism, the Judaism of the Ten Commandments, upon which universal morality is more or less based.

We do know that any credible moral system based on the Ten Commandments must utterly reject the murder of innocent human beings. It would also reject the oppression of man by his fellow man. The Jewish Bible does contain numerous verses reminding Israelites to be just and refrain from oppressing others….because you were oppressed by the Pharaohs in the Land of Egypt.

For example, in Exodus: 22: 21, The Almighty warns the Israelites (e.g. Jews) against even mistreating others, let alone murdering them. "You must not mistreat or oppress foreigners in any way. Remember, you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt."

Now, in light of the genocidal atrocities Israel has been meting out to the helpless and unprotected Palestinians, one might really wonder what type of Bible these Judo-Nazi thugs, people like Binyamin Netanyahu, Moshe Yaalon and other war criminals, are following. Are they following the Bible of Moses or the Bible of Hitler? Do they obtain their moral ideals from the Ten Commandments or from Mein Kampf?

These are extremely legitimate and fundamental questions that ought to be invoked if one takes God, religion and even morality seriously.

Evil Cult

The truth of the matter, at least as this writer sees it, is that the present Judaism as practiced by the bulk of world Jewry has actually nothing to do with the true, authentic Judaism, which the Almighty revealed unto Moses.

What else can be said of a "religion" that teaches that non-Jews are virtual animals and that their lives have absolutely no sanctity? Is this really what God told Moses? I challenge every Jewish rabbi and intellectual under the sun to stand up and answer this question honestly and courageously.

I am not making baseless accusations or anti-Semitic insinuations. There are numerous rabbis, not marginal ones, in Israel and abroad who shamelessly teach and preach in their synagogues that non-Jews are actually animals walking on two legs. These rabbis are not demented or deranged individuals who don't know what they are talking about. They are actually celebrated Torah sages, enjoying widespread esteem and having high stature in their respective communities and beyond.

I really don't know how true Judaism would justify imposing hermetic blockades on innocent civilians, causing thousands to die, albeit a slow death… Or demolishing dairy factories, causing orphan kids to have malnutrition?

I really don't know how true Judaism would justify dropping one-ton bombs from high altitudes on apartment buildings packed with innocent men, women and children, hospitals and heavily-populated neighborhoods.

I don't really know how true Judaism would justify murdering sleeping babies and their breast-feeding mothers, huddling in fear in their refugee shacks? Is this the divine message that God entrusted to the Children of Israel?

Unfortunately, the radical metamorphoses that morphed the true, original Judaism into a criminally-racist cult is the responsibility of those so-called Talmudic sages who effectively obliterated all universal dimensions of Judaism, replacing these dimensions with an appalling parochial particularism, which eventually reduced itself into a nefariously racist cult, shrouded in a scandalously pseudo- religious shell, and adopting an extremely evil outlook toward the rest of the world.

Otherwise, where in the Ten Commandments and other revelations received by Moses is stated that the life of a non-Jew has no sanctity or that it is possible to murder a non-Jew without the slightest compunction or feeling of guilt? (An Israeli air-force commander was quoted as saying that he sleeps well and had no feeling of guilt every time he murdered Palestinian civilians.)!!!

I really feel sorry for the Jews of our time. They have utterly lost every semblance of morality, which would conceivably give them a feeling that they occupy a moral high-ground in comparison to the rest of mankind. You have lost that real or imagined moral high-ground, ostensibly irreversibly. Don't take this lightly. This monumental calamity is tantamount to death.

Khalid Amayreh is a veteran Palestinian journalist and political commentator living in al-Khalil in Occupied Palestine.


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