Palestinians Need A Holocaust Memorial Museum Of Their Own

15 October 2014

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

It is never a hyperbole to call the latest genocidal onslaught by Israel on the Gaza Strip a holocaust. The level of death and destruction inflicted by the Judeo-Nazi state, aka Israel, is more than shocking, to say the very least. It simply defies linguistic description.

Just imagine how Jewish and Zionist circles would have reacted if the equation was reversed and Israel, not Gaza, had suffered this huge magnitude of death and devastation.

I imagine the shipyard dogs of Zionism, from Sydney to California and from Occupied Palestine to London, would have deafened our ears with a never-abating crescendo of noise about the new Arab holocaust!!!…and claims that the Arabs are trying to complete the mission that the Nazis started.

We are not claiming that six million Palestinians were murdered in the latest atrocities.

But then who says that atrocities can't be described as a holocaust unless the number of victims reaches the six-million figure?

Besides, Israel and Judeo-Nazi circles around the world are absolutely unfit to lecture their victims on the most appropriate epithets they should employ to describe Israel's genocidal barbarianism.

A holocaust or genocide is more than just murdering innocent civilians in large numbers and utterly destroying entire towns.

It is also about a nefarious mindset, an evil ideology and a diabolical value system, characteristics that are quite prominent in Israeli behavior over the years.

Yes, I am not accusing the Judeo-Nazi state of sending millions of Palestinians to Auschwitz. But I do accuse Nazi Israel of bringing Auschwitz to every Palestinian home, every Palestinian neighborhood and every Palestinian street. I am not of course talking about things that happened on a different plant. Everything is crystal clear and only malicious hair-splitters would deny the obvious.

A holocaust museum

In light, Palestinians must seriously study the idea of establishing a museum that would record and document Israeli atrocities and genocidal episodes against our people in Palestine and the Diaspora.

Initially, this contemplated museum can be established temporarily in the Diaspora for obvious reasons. Later, however, it would be relocated to Palestine, e.g. in Jerusalem.

A board of trustees comprising historians and people of knowledge and expertise would be entrusted to oversee the museum, which would contain every conceivable piece of information pertaining to the slow-motion holocaust, which began even before the evil birth of the Nazi state known as Israel.

The museum's central mission will be educational, namely conveying what Israel has been doing to our people to future Palestinian, Arab and Muslim generations. That is why; every Palestinian schoolboy and girl must be made to visit the museum. No college student, in all disciplines, would graduate from college without having passed a compulsory three-credit-hours-course on the Palestinian holocaust.

Similarly, every important visitor to Palestine will be asked to visit the Palestinian holocaust museum just as the Judeo-Nazi authorities ask visitors to visit the so-called "Yad Va-Shem" museum in occupied Jerusalem.

The establishment of a Palestinian holocaust museum won't be an act of incitement against the Judeo-Nazis. The ultimate aim of the museum is not to malign or demonize anyone, but rather to preserve outstanding historical facts from evaporation into oblivion.

Israel has transformed its holocaust-related mythology into a virtual reality, especially in the minds of gullible and guilt-ridden westerners.

The Palestinian holocaust is not a mythology. Palestinians don't have to lie about anything, as Israel has been doing. Israel's genocidal crimes against our people, even prior to Dir Yasin, are well-documented. Indeed, most of these crimes are preserved in video and audio formats. Again, only malicious hair-splitters would try to deny the undeniable.

The Judeo-Nazi state will try to do the impossible to thwart this Palestinian project as it would take the light away from the Zionist holocaust mantra which the Judeo-Nazi state uses to justify every crime under the sun.

But we the people of Palestine would have to reject any Zionist obstruction with utter contempt.

We owe it to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian victims of Jewish Zionist barbarianism, including thousands of innocent children, to do something worthwhile to keep their memories alive.

The lives of Jews who died or may have died in the course of WWII are not more precious than the lives of the countless Palestinians who were mercilessly murdered at the hands of the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the holocaust. I am not trying to downplay any people's pain and suffering. But we won't allow others to belittle our pain and suffering.

Finally, this is not a partisan or factional Palestinian issue. It transcends all Palestinian factions, political and ideological orientations, which should facilitate and expedite the implementation of this idea.

Khalid Amayreh is a veteran Palestinian journalist and political commentator living in al-Khalil in Occupied Palestine.


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