How Come There Is No International Alliance Against Nazi Israel?

20 October 2014

By Khalid Amayreh

I am not particularly infatuated with the IS group. However, the pretension that its enemies represent virtue, civility and justice is beyond the pale.

True, the IS may have adopted some despicable tactics against its foes.

But the United States, which assumes the role of world leader, is definitely a million times more savage, more barbaric and more nefarious in comparison to the IS.

The same thing can also be said about Shiite thugs in Iraq and Syria, who have committed every imagined crime against innocent people, especially Sunni Muslims.

Does the world have any doubt about the diabolical nature of Bashar al-Assad? Doesn't the murder of 200,000 Syrian civilians at the hands of this thug carry any weight or influence on the decision-making process in America and Europe? It seems it doesn't.

"Civilized barbarianism" vs. "uncivilized barbarianism"

We are told that unlike al-Qaeda and IS, the U.S. and its spoiled child, Israel, murder people in a "civilized manner," e.g. by raining death on crowded neighborhoods and apartment buildings packed with civilians, using deadly missiles and laser-guided bombs, fired from high altitudes, or by using drones to kill people on the ground. But hundreds –if not thousands of innocent civilians- have been killed in such raids in Gaza, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq.

But does this make America and its allies, especially Nazi Israel, any less barbarian than their thoroughly demonized foes?

Indeed, it is probably the ultimate oxymoron to call mass murder civilized or honorable.

We must be honest. The ongoing American-led campaign of bombing in Syria and Iraq is not about right and wrong or virtue and vice.

Under the rubric of fighting terror, the most terrorist state on earth, namely the United States of America, has killed millions of people from Hanoi to Gaza.

The US dropped on Vietnam more than 20 million bombs, more than were dropped during the two world wars combined. The United States dropped nuclear bombs on Japan killing countless men, women and children. The US invaded and destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, killing millions, leaving millions of orphans and refugees.

The US enabled Judeo-Nazi Israel to play the Nazi game rather relentlessly against the Palestinian people, whose only crime is their adamant refusal to succumb to Talmudic Nazism and ethnic cleansing.

Hence, the US is absolutely in no position to lecture the world, especially its victims, on what is right and what is wrong. In the final analysis, it is morally impossible to use the words "United States" and "moral rightness" in the same line or even the same page.

IS is "effect", not "cause"

I am absolutely convinced that the ongoing war against IS (It is actually against Islamic revivalism) will fail. Yes, many people will get killed, many will be maimed, and there will be a lot of havoc and destruction. But at the end of the day, IS and similar groups will emerge stronger and more popular.

The reason for that lies in the malicious American policy of imposing on the Muslim peoples of the region tyrannical vicious regimes that deny the masses the most elementary human rights and civil liberties.

Yes, it is oppression, tyranny, state-terror, rulers' decadence and corruption that helped create IS and will help make it more popular amongst the people.

According to some public opinion surveys, sympathy with IS reaches 80% in some Arab countries.

If true, this should make Washington rethink its entire approach to the region. Ultimately, IS is an effect rather than a cause, and it is impossible to eliminate the effect without eradicating the cause first.

But I don't think Washington will ever change its approach. Washington has always been and continues to be overwhelmed with hypocrisy and evil as far as the way it relates to Muslims, especially in the Middle East. America doesn't really think correctly in this regard. It lets a small group of self-worshipping Jews to do the job on its behalf.

It is sad and lamentable that America's criminal hypocrisy is actually the enabler and sustainer of criminal tyranny and terrorist states in much of the world.

Indeed, were it not for America's greed, rapacity and imperialistic ambitions, the Hitler of Damascus wouldn't have continued to murder his own people en masse in order to stay in power a few more years.

The same can be said about the Sissi junta in Cairo, which murdered more innocent people in two hours than IS and like-minded groups have done ever since their appearance.

With a bluntly Machiavellian America reverting to its pre-Arab Spring modus operandi, there will be a prolonged internecine struggle throughout the Arab world for freedom and justice.

Yes, America and its contemptuous puppets won't raise the white flags, but neither will the IS.

But then, America will have incurred the wrath of hundreds of millions of people, who will be thoroughly convinced of America's evil role in depriving hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims of their right to human rights and liberties by way of backing bloody tyrants and military dictators.

Khalid Amayreh is a veteran Palestinian journalist and political commentator living in al-Khalil in Occupied Palestine.


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