America Attacks 12 Oil Refineries And Bans The Army of Emigrants and Supporters (AES)

01 October 2014

By Markaz Kavkaz

America and Arab proxies carried out airstrikes on 12 refineries in Syria, which they claim to be controlled by the Ad Dawla al-Islamiyya/Islamic State (IS).

The American military command announced that warplanes of bloody Assad's Syria, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were participated.

The attack by enemy aircraft and drones against the Muslim cities of Al-Mayadin, Al-Bukamal, Deir ez-Zor and Hasaka (see the video of bombardments of Al-Bukamal) consisted of 13 blows. Also reported was another bombardments on the city of Raqqa, 12 peaceful Muslims were martyred by Americans.

The Pentagon spokesman, Kirby, told reporters that "America and Arab "partners" are fighting against terrorists". At the same time, he refused to give any details.

Meanwhile, the governing body of a globalist group, the Unations, adopted a resolution on fighting "foreign fighters" in Syria and Iraq. At a leadership gathering, all decisions are taken only by 5 states, including Red China. This time, it was chaired by Obama.

According to the paper, all group's member states are to prevent entry of "jihadists" into their territories or transit by "any individual on whom that state has credible information that provides reasonable grounds to believe that he or she (or probably, it? - KC) is seeking entry into or transit through their territory for the purpose of engaging in terrorist activity".

The governing body of the Unations group, a so-called security council , has threatened with economic sanctions and even the use of violence against countries that "do not fulfil the provisions of it "resolution".

Meanwhile, America imposed so-called sanctions against the Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar/Army of Emigrants and Supporters (AES). The property and finances of the organisation (if suddenly detected in America) should be immediately frozen, they say.

Information about sanctions is published on the website of the American foreign ministry.

The AES was proclaimed to be "a Chechen-led terrorist organization based in Syria that consists primarily of foreign fighters", the report said.

The ministry also claims that the AES was allegedly responsible for "deadly assaults against civilian communities, and kidnapping civilians and other foreigners". In this case, no evidence in support of this claim was ever provided. Neither western nor Arab media has yet published any data about attacks by the AES on civilians, kidnapping of civilians and foreigners".

Another AES crime in the eyes of America, according to the ministry, is that the AES "is cooperating with the IS and Jabhat an-Nusra/Victory Front (VF)".

In addition to the AES, the Americans expanded their black list by including a Moroccan group Harakat Sham al-Islam/Islamic Movement of Levant (IML) and 10 Muslims from different countries, including two natives of the Pankisi George, Georgia: Murad Margoshvili (aka Emir Muslim) and Tarkhan Batirashvili (aka Umar al-Chechen).

Meanwhile in Syria, mass demonstrations were held in support of the VF. The Syrians carried banners reading: "Jabhat an-Nusra came to support us when the world abandoned us".



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