A Kurdish Bolshevik Threatens Turkey With Termination Of Truce If The Town Of Kobani Fells

14 October 2014

By Markaz Kavkaz

The leader of Kurdish Bolsheviks, who is serving a life sentence in a Turkish prison, threatened Turkey with termination of the truce in case of the seizure of the Syrian town of Kobani (aka Ayn al-Arab), a regional center of the Kurds, by Ad Dawla al-Islamiyya/Islamic State (IS) forces.

In turn, Turkish authorities have said they did not want Kobani to fall into the hands of the IS and "will do everything they can" to prevent that.

Meanwhile, fightings for Kobani are intensifying. According to local sources, the IS captured terrain at the southern entrance to the town. Inside Kobani, intensive clashes continue, with the IS using artillery and heavy mortars seized by the IS from the regime troops after the puppet army fled from Iraq's Mosul.

Sources in social networks report the IS moved additional forces to the region from the province of Raqqa.

In turn, Turkey is preparing for a so-called "cross-border military operation" in Syria and Iraq. The Turkish parliament gave appropriate powers to the government to use armed forces in neighbouring states. In this case, the language it used is quite ambiguous.

The parliament authorized the Turkish government "to conduct cross-border operations against terrorist attacks from Iraq and Syria against Turkey".

In other words, if there are no "terrorist attacks", there will be no military operations. On the other hand, it is not clear what Ankara considers to be a "terrorist attack".

Meanwhile, the Kurds turned to the west asking to help them urgently with weapons. American warplanes conducted several air strikes on the positions of advancing IS units. There is no reliable information on the results of these strikes.



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