Any Attack On The IS To Be Regarded As An Act Of Aggression, Assad And Iran Warn Turkey

17 October 2014

By Markaz Kavkaz

Foreign minister of the Assad regime, Walid al-Muallem, said that a Turkish attack on Ad Dawla al-Islamiyya/Islamic State (IS) would be regarded by Damascus as an act of aggression. His warned Ankara on inadmissibility of an attack on the IS. Al-Muallem made his threats after the decision by the Turkish parliament to allow the Turkish army to participate in a so-called "anti-terrorist operation against the IS".

"The declared policy of the Turkish government represents a real aggression against a member of the United nations group", said Walid al-Muallem.

The warning came after the prime minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, vowed on Thursday night that Turkey would do everything to prevent the fall of the Kurdish city of Kobani, and the parliament of this country allowed the government to carry out military operations against the IS in Syria and Iraq.

In addition, the Assad regime turned to so-called international community with a request to prevent Ankara "from ventures that threaten peace and stability in the region". Assad called for an end to the "Turkish intervention in Syria's internal affairs".

In turn, minister of foreign affairs of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, also warned Turkish authorities that participation of the Turkish army in operations against the IS in Syria and Iraq might cause "dangerous consequences for the entire region".

He stressed that Tehran opposes to actions of America and proxies in Syria and Iraq.

Iran warned Turkey not to take any action against the IS during a telephone conversation between Javad Zarif and Turkish foreign minister. He "criticized methods chosen for the fight against terrorism, while expressing concern over any action that may aggravate the situation".

"In the current situation, the regional states should act responsibly and avoid aggravations", Tehran warns Ankara.

Meanwhile, the Turkish army opened fire Friday on positions of the IS near the Kurdish city of Kobani. The army command said that the fire was opened in response to the shelling of Turkish territory. The Turkish press writes that at least 3 artillery shells "exploded on the Turkish side".

Besides, Turkish aircraft overflew the border with Syria and the city of Kobani, but there is no data about possible bombardments.

The Turkish general staff continues to move armored units, missile systems and missile defence systems to the Syrian border. The main Turkish forces approach the border near the Sanliurfa Province, as Kobani is located to the south of it.

According to Turkish military, a threat of an IS breakthrough exists there, which the army is to prevent. In addition, the movement of troops, according to observers, is an evidence of possible plans of Ankara to create a buffer zone on the border.



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