Russian Intelligence Center Captured - Fightings Continue In Kobani, Handarat And Lebanon

20 October 2014

By Markaz Kavkaz

The Russian-Syrian center of the radio and electronic intelligence on the border with "Israel" has been captured in In Syria by the units of the al-Jaish as-Suri al-?urr/Free Syrian Army (FSA).

"On October 5, 2014 the rebels of the FSA captured a joint Russian-Syrian centre of radio and electronic intelligence (the so-called Center-C) located on Mountain Tal al-Hara, near Daraa, in southern Syria, near the Syrian-Israeli demarcation line", says the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.

In the video shot inside the building one can see the stands with visual agitation, emblems of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Russia and Intelligence Directorate of Syria, as well as a map with printed on it image of the operational situation in the Northern Military District of "Israel".

In Tel Aviv, they commented on the video, stating that the Russian military in Syria are engaged in intelligence activities directed against "Israel" (see the video outside the center of intelligence, the video continues here).

Meanwhile, fierce fightings are continuing in Kobani. Ad Dawla al-Islamiyya/Islamic State (IS) units are storming the positions of the Kurdish groups. Major events unfolded on the eastern outskirts of the city, where the units of IS were able to gain a foothold in few city blocks.

Sources in Syria reported that the IS uses heavy artillery and mortars they obtained after the fleeing of the army of Shiite regime in Iraq's Mosul. Kurds complain that they do not have enough weapons to counter the IS.

Earlier, IS units seized the high hill above the town, and the towers of radio repeaters. Arab media and local sources have reported high intensity and ferocity of the battle for Kobani.

Meanwhile, in the area of the central prison of Aleppo Assad's troops went on a massive offensive. They managed to capture the village of Handarat after some groups of local Syrians from different units operating in the area left their positions without any warning.

Units of the Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar/Army of Emigrants and Supporters (AES) and other units included in the Jabhat Ansar al-Din/Front of Supporters of Religion (FSR) were deployed to the place a breakthrough of Assadites.

During a fierce counter-attack, which lasted two days, the Mujahideen managed to repel Assadites away from Handarat. As of Monday morning, the infidels took defensive positions on the outskirts of the village, holding in their hands some of the houses.

Assadites actively use the aircraft, trying to prevent the assault of the Mujahideen.

Sources from the scene report that the units of the AES and other groups from the FSR attacked the infidels in Aleppo’s Layramoun (aka Balleramoun) district and captured a former school building, thus cutting off one of the main supply lines used by Assadites in Handarat.

It is reported that the commanding officer leading the troops of the regime in Handarat is an army general from Iran, who masterminded a large-scale offensive.

Meanwhile, the units of the Jabhat an-Nusra/Victory Front attacked the Shiite gangs of Hezbollah in Lebanon. During the attack on Sunday, Mujahideen were able to eliminate at least 18 Shiite militants and seize many military hardware.


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