The Memorable 'Sureeli Shaam' in Irving

17 October 2014

By Saeed Qureshi

The Sureeli Shaam (meodious evening) presented by "High Octavez" was a magnificent and glorious musical concert in all respects. It was conducted in a highly dignified manner at the MacArthur Arts Center in Irving on the serene evening of September 20 instant. This program had a laudable humanitarian purpose which was to raise funds for the poor and downtrodden cancer patients.

It was a very organized show compeered by a competent female who gave serene profile and introduction of each singer before their performances. The vocal singers around 8 altogether sang the lyrics of the famous singers of the past mostly Muhammad Rafi and lata Mangeshkar. The replay performance of these amateur yet dedicated lyricists was as good as those of the original singers.

The audience was immensely delighted and enjoyed and each time by generously clapping and hugely appreciating the skill and expertise of these humanists who came from different cities of United States to take part in this divine mission of collecting funds for a very genuine cause.

The show brought a sum of dollars 45000 thousand to KARUNA, the organization spearheading this entirely noble mission of providing treatment to the cancer patients. One of the organizers presented the figures to the audience as how much money was came from the sale of the tickets, donations and sale of the gifts displayed outside the performance hall. That demonstrates the fairness of the team conducting such worthy programs.

A cancer patient who was healed through Karuna's assistance was present in the gallery was introduced to the spectators and was profusely cheered and felicitated by the guests by way of huge clapping for his rehabilitation.

The players of the band consisting of Tabla, piano, guitar and other instruments were uniquely talented and exceptionally skillful in their outstanding presentation. It could be counted as one of the finest bands that I have seen in musical concerts in recent years.

All these singers including the band members had created an extremely lovely and lively atmosphere that would serve as a pleasant remembrance for the lucky viewers who earned the double blessings: one of spending some money for a noble cause and second the blessing of an event that was for the benefits of the afflicted yet resource-less people.

As the introductory brochure spelled out, seven people have this far benefitted from KARUNA's splendid humanitarian mission and 8 more were under treatment for which this illustrious charity group conducts such wonderful concerts from time to time.

At the end, the entire group of singers jointly sang the famous song of India and Pakistan, "Dama Dam Must Qalandar". This song enthralled the audience beyond description as if everyone was simply hypnotized and carried away by the melody, depth and impact of this immortal song that also serves as a symbol of unity between the people of India and Pakistan.

The writer is a senior journalist, former editor of Diplomatic Times and a former diplomat.This and other articles by the writer can also be read at his blog



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