Another Story of Sufi Ameer Khan's Karamat (Miracle)

28 October 2014

By Saeed Qureshi

This is a story told to me by Safdar Iqbal and Sufi Hafiz Ameer Khan. It was also verified and endorsed by some of Safdar Iqbal's friends. Let me first of all share the narration by Zafar Iqbal himself.

In 2009 in the month of May Safdar Iqbal suddenly collapsed, went into coma and was brought to the Parkland Hospital by one of his friends who was in conversation with him on the phone at that time. Safdar Iqbal fell down and it became very difficult for him to breathe. His friend sensed that something very serious had happened. He rushed to his residence and found him unconscious. Safdar was immediately taken to the Parkland Hospital where he was admitted into the critical intensive unit.

The symptoms of his ailment were brain swelling because of a tumor, body swelling, fits and internal bleeding. In a handout dated May 2009, later circulated by his friends who had taken him to the hospital stated the precarious condition of Mr. Safdar during his stay in the hospital. It was also corroborated by Safdar himself when I talked to him to verify the statement and as to what actually happened to him.

His friends later circulated a handout in which they wrote about his condition and I quote," From May 1 to May 9, 2009 he was in a coma. He was diagnosed with excessive internal bleeding, tumor left brain lobe, no pulse and legally dead".

Mr Safdar's own description narrated to me on the phone is that he was put on the life support and he was in a state of coma, that his brain swelled and there was problem with his bone marrow also. He was paralyzed down below the vest. He was kept in this state for about a month in the hospital with doctors having slim hope for his recovery or revival.

At this juncture when all worldly treatments proved to be futile and ineffective that Murtaza (the same friend of Safdar who took him to the hospital) requested Aulia (saint) Hafiz Sufi Ameer Khan to accompany him to the hospital and pray for the recovery of chronically sick Safdar Iqbal lying in the intensive care section of the Parkland Hospital. When Sufi Sahib stood by Safdar's bed, the doctors asked him if he had come to take the body of the patient. Sufi Ameer told them that he had come to pray for the patient. In a state of utter disbelief the doctors took Jinab Sufi Sahib as a crazy person.

The handout circulated by Safdar's friends states that as soon as Sufi Sahib completed his prayer, Within 30 minutes, "The patient (Mr Safdar) regained his vital signs and started breathing normally".

Now the doctors were totally taken aback and utterly astonished at this development as it would be nothing short of a miracle. As a gesture of remorse and forgiveness, they exclaimed that in their 40 years in the medical profession, they haven't witnessed such a miraculous and sudden healing and revival of a patient placed on life support. They expressed their desire to Sufi Sahib that they wanted to study Islam and to convert to this religion. Safdar was later transferred to the general ward.

Sufi Sahib told me that when he saw me standing close to him. Sufi Sahib answered "yes now I am your father". Later the same year on May 16, Sufi Sahib along with his three disciples namely Farid, Mehmood and Mahesh visited Safdar to enquire about his health. As a gesture of immense gratitude when Safdar thanked Sufi Sahib for his timely Dua (prayer) for his recovery from a deadly disease, Sufi Sahib out of sheer humility said," It is by Allah I am his humble servant"

Safdar Iqbal is now in the United States for 25 years. Safdar Iqbal is now healthy and works for 16-18 hour a day to support him family back in Pakistan. He is still a bachelor. Some sixteen years ago his parents passed away. Earlier he used to take 14 medicines to maintain his healths which mercifully have come down to 4 now. He supports certain children in the orphanages. I found him an intelligent and knowledgeable person. He is polite and gave me all the answers to my questions with lot of confidence, truthfulness and sobriety. 

The writer is a senior journalist, former editor of Diplomatic Times and a former diplomat.This and other articles by the writer can also be read at his blog



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