"Organized Crime": A New Form Of Political "Theory" And The Nigeria Case

04 November 2014

By Taofeeq Hamzat Adebiyi

Any organization that directly or indirectly perpetrates organized crime is sooner becoming un- organized society. In Nigeria, it is possible to define organized crime as a situation where political leaders, big rich men, the powers that be, senior business executives and money monger religious leaders, work collectively and connectively to create deceit and confusion among the populace and the masses, for the sole purpose of establishing and nourishing superiority, long stay in power, illiteracy, disunity, through corruption and indiscipline.

In this kind of environment, loop-holes in the organizational management are intentionally created for the members of the crime group to tape. This creates an avenue for continued expansion of the organized crime system. The expansion and the development of this circle will make the central and the regional operational level becomes strong and supportive. Any attempt from outside, either from the media, human right activists and other humanly thinking groups are frustrated through harassment, brutality, false accusation and blunt lies.

Let me say it clear that this is done in connection with other international similar political agenda propagators from many other part of the world. The promoters of this type of ideology see nothing wrong, as the motive behind this is to create another new way for political international and national theory, that which can give another definition to criminality as far as it is done in an organized manner. It encourages criminal act done in connection with the power that be, and discourages criminality based on individuality. But, we need to ask if criminal act done in any manner should be upheld? This question I know from the angles at which the readers come from may justify the answers. It might look contentious to some readers.

In fact, the cases of organized crime in Nigeria are many, but I give the case of Boko Haram as the most significant and the most interesting one. It may take me much elaborated writings to explain the cases of organized crime in Nigeria, if I mention some many other cases to you other than the case of Boko Haram, since every one still want to know where is the Chibok Girls?... Do you know that nearly, no nation of the world today is free of this criminal act? The differences may be in the type and logical means of operation. Yes, there are many types of organized crime, but that is not want I want to discuss here.

Amnesty International and many other independent journalists and media across the country, revealed shocking and prevailing information regarding the activities of the Boko Haram fighters that clearly gives insightful thought about the connection, relationship and similarities of the definition of an organized crime form of political ideology which I give in the first paragraph of this article. The instances of several top political, army officers and senior religious money mongers, who have been accused of several criminal acts gives meaning to how organized crime could be understood in Nigeria. They operate in Nigeria through Boko Haram insurgency. Watch out for other case, when Boko Haram is exposed.

I tell you some of the strategies for this kind of political ideology are creation of violence, rage and confusion, under which when the masses are fed up then they (organized crime managers) manage to restore temporary peace and tranquility simply for political reason such as propaganda, re-election and recruitment of new members. Members of the organized crime are initiated in connection with superior senior members, which strategically bring in the new members by indirectly identifying and portraying organized crime as legitimate form of power control. The channel is maintained through political fatherism and Kabarism. These two group leaders are well known in Nigeria. Other organized crime forums in many other international and national arena have different identities. The identities are similar, but the terminologies might be different. The holder of the fatherism and kabarism position may be from the senior political office holders, the senior executive officers and managers, rich economy dictators and money lovers' religious leaders. E.t.c

Boko Haram fighters will soon be defeated temporarily, (as part of the strategy) when the presidential election draws near. The Chibok Girls will be returned in batch, as some might have died. I am not prophesying, rather I write from my experience as it relate to how organized crime political ideology operate. Nigeria is experiencing another form of political theory, as this has been commonly practiced in the Arab world, some years back. Reflection of political issues and history in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Libya will give an idea. The master plan is with the most senior operators: the USA and the Britain.

What could be done?

Political-ideological problems are solved through the emergence of another distinct and completely different ideological system. This can only be possible if joint efforts are combining at international and national arena to confront with sincerity and courage the atrocity of the organized crime promoters, through selfish- free leadership and discipline. Some time, sudden break up in channel of operation could pave a way for easy penetration from a liberation force, such as the human right activists, non-compromiser journalists and righteous religion leaders.

In Nigeria, organized crime could be defeated only when the masses collectively understand that dividing the populace through the line of religion and ethnicity is part of the strategy being used by the promoters of the organized crime. This I think may be working well in Nigeria, as it is a country of religious proclamation, but few are Godly. It could also be defeated if we learn to be patriotic, tolerance, discipline and we strive to correct our value system.

We should understand reason why progressive thinkers will never be crime compromisers. If you ask me the agenda behind this organized crime theory, I will say it's a total war against the dense human population. The big players see the need to reduce the alarming population growth rate in African and some other part of the world, and then had collaboration with selfish leaders and presidents of these countries to cut-down the "crazy population". I don't know why human being needs to reduce the population of another fellow human being.

Conclusively, please get the right information. Wrong information could easily derail you. But I must tell you that, the major source of information today worldwide is from the organized crime managers. The masses are majorly information consumers. That is why some people will want to question the source of this information I give here. You cannot get it from those news sites you think, my dear helpless masses, but the reality is what you all can see and feel.

TAOFEEQ HAMZAT ADEBIYI is a graduate of Islamic Science University of Malaysia. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in communication, with special interest in comparative journalism, ethical journalism and journalism culture. 



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