Factors Behind Delay (in announcement of) Cabinet. Is it Due to Criteria's Difference or Abundance or...

05 December 2014

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The rulers of the Kabul Stooge Administration usually resort to the clichéd sentence "Did you understand?" more than what they actually have to say. In their rhetoric and hyperbole or verbiage they follow the American style of rhetoric but their actions contradict their words. The atmosphere of Arg (presidential palace) is so murky under American occupation that they can neither see themselves nor the world, laundering day night like the Children of Israel of the yore who were not able cross the desert of Taye (Sinai).

All know that Ashraf Ghani took the oath of a halfly-truncated saddle of power on 29 September 2014. Meanwhile he made some assertions and made some big showy promises in his short speech. Besides maintaining peace and security he expressed his firm commitment to eliminate corruption and the idea of parallel government but more than two and a half months have passed now yet he has not even completed the plenary set-up of his stooge government. The differences over the formation of cabinet are so deep that even the leaders of White House and Europe are disillusioned and astonished. John Kerry, the founder of the joint government, may be feeling shame and would have acceded to the couplet of Molana Romi (May Allah bless him), Saying:

If a mason lays down the first brick of foundation wrong,

Then the wall will remain tilted even if built to reach the stars.

Why is the formation of the cabinet aggravated?

The problem which is portrayed by media outlets is only the equal division of cabinet portfolios but in fact, the tussle is not limited to the key posts of Cabinet rather it embraces other major government departments, provinces and even provincial police chiefs. Still, the issue is simple and has an easy way out. It can be solved in one day or even in an hour, and in other words, it only needs John Kerry.

The major problems in formation of the cabinet that may take some more time to complete have some other dimensions, emanating from inside and outside Arg (presidential palace). Actually the square of Ashraf Ghani and triangle of Abdullah has seven angles. In each angle, there are many people waiting for obtaining posts. Their number is more than the cabinet's members. On the other side, many people outside the Arg who have underwent toil and sweat, shouted and have endured fatigue during election campaign; each one wants a spectacular share. In addition to this, those who were standing respectfully during the signing ceremony of security agreement with America should not be ignored and deprived.

The other problem in the formation of Cabinet is the shares of invaders. One head of the rope is in the hand of the Americans and the other end is with other invaders. Furthermore, they are not content of the share in the cabinet only. They want their portion in provinces like in the past. For example, Germany will not forfeit Kandahar, Britain Helmand and America Jalalabad.

Other worth mentioning problem is the ability and qualification of cabinet members. They are talking about a qualified and skillful cabinet but in reality by qualification they do not mean educational qualification or work experience because there are many skilful and experienced people in Afghanistan. In reality, each of the group is in search of their personal interests and would like to support and flare up linguistic and nationalistic issues and protect western interests. Such people are really difficult to find who could do all the mentioned jobs simultaneously.

It is to be mentioned that the problem of formation of cabinet will be solved by the mediation of invaders in coming few weeks or months but the tussle between the two headed, honed-up and stooge government will continue and thus will soon collapse. 


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