More Zionist Soldiers Fighting With Assadites And Kurdish Forces Captured

02 December 2014

The America-based research and allegedly spy group SITE revealed more Zionists mercenaries are being either slain or captured fighting alongside Syria's Baa'thi groups and Kurdish forces. SITE said IS seized a woman described herself as a "female Zionist soldier" in Kobane.

It has since been established the latest Zionist militant captured is identified as Gill Rosenberg, a Canadian-Israeli dual national who had served in the Israeli military and had volunteered to fight with the Kurds. An Israeli foreign ministry spokesman could not deny the Jewish national government know nothing about it, though Tel Aviv claim it is closely monitoring the information.

Meanwhile a Canadian foreign ministry statement was equally evasive of the government's involvement claiming it was aware of the reports but would not "comment or release any information which may compromise ongoing efforts and risks endangering the safety of Canadian citizens abroad".

Ms Rosenberg may not be the only female dual Canadian-Israeli citizens that have been captured by the Mujahidun (the Holy Warriors) from the Syrian strong resistance Jubhat Al-Nusrah and the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) in the flashpoint cities and embattled towns including Kobane in northern Syria, after having gone to fight alongside Syria's Baa'thi groups and Kurdish forces.

It emerged earlier this month that Gill Rosenberg, 31, had left Israel and was fighting with the Kurds after contacting the People's Protection Units (YPG) through Facebook, according to an interview she gave to Israel Radio this month.

On Sunday, Israel's Channel 2 reported that Rosenberg had been abducted by IS, citing Syrian Islamic websites.

Samoach al-Islam, a notorious Middle Eastern Islamist blog, said a number of female fighters had been captured, including Rosenberg. It reported that IS militants carried out three suicide attacks against Kurdish forces on Saturday that killed an unknown number of fighters, while survivors were then taken captive.

Israeli officials have refused to admit the seizure of their citizens as they give instruction to agents and members of staff to avoid giving out any information about the development.  However, when forced by the news reporters, the Zionist Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was investigating the reports and alleged that the Arab and Muslim Middle East publishers who cover the stories were "of dubious credibility".

Two Kurdish fighters who spoke to Israel Radio could not confirm they had heard the news of Rosenberg's capture and claimed they were not in position to state whether she had been fighting alongside Syria's Baa'thi groups or Kurdish forces.

Kobane has been the focus of a fierce battle between Kurdish forces and IS militants and the subject of intense international media coverage, in part due to its close proximity to the Turkish border, from where journalists can observed the fighting.

When interviewed by Israel Radio on 10 November, Rosenberg explained her decision to join the Kurdish forces was motivated by ideologies. It was not clear in the course of the interview where Rosenberg was located at the time.

Rosenberg is not by any means the only or first foreign woman to join the Syria's Baa'thi groups and Kurdish forces. She moved to Israel in 2006 from Canada and served for two years in the Israeli army in the Home Front Command.

In 2009, she was arrested by the FBI in a joint operation with Israeli police and sentenced to four years in prison for her role in a mass fraud operation, according to a report in Haaretz. Eleven other Israelis were also arrested in the case, which involved the theft of up to $25mn from elderly US citizens through posing as fake lottery representatives.

After joining the Syrian Baa'thi groups and Kurdish forces, Rosenburg posted photos to what appears to be her Facebook page, showing her baking bread with Baa'thi members and Kurdish people and others of her wearing an army uniform stamping on the Mujahidun's flag.

If admitted, Rosenberg would be the second Israeli citizen declared by the Jewish state as captured citizens by the Mujahidun fighting in Syria for freedom from decades of brutal rule and oppression by the Assad dynasty. Steven Sotloff, a US-Israeli journalist, was executed allegedly as a spy by the group in early September.

Agencies, EsinIslam.Com & Several News Outlets 



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