AQAP's Good Reminder: Those Who Discourage Jihad - "Oh Aqsa, We Are Coming!"

03 January 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Muwahideen Media published an English translation of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)'s good reminder regarding those who discourage Jihad that released by Al Malahim Media:

From the Wonderful Series titled "The Good Reminders – Part 18?

"Those Who Discourage Jihad"

Bismillah ar Rahman ar Rahim

"As salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatahu. We give thanks to ar Rab al Alimeen. Prayers and peace be upon His prophet, and on his family and his followers. After:

We will talk today about those who discourage other from jihad inside the land of jihad. Allah (swt) warned us against these people in His holy book when He talked about this bad strain among people, saying: ‘if they came out with you, they wouldn't have added to your (power) but only created disorder, rushing here and there and creating fitna between you. And there would have been some people among you who would have listened to them. But Allah (swt) knows well those people who do wrong.' Ibn Kathir, may Allah rest his soul, said explaining this ayah: if they came out with you, they wouldn't have added to your power, but only created fitna. This means they would have added to your fisada (corruption).

This means that if they go out with the mujahidin, they would corrupt them. When he explained the second part of this ayah, rushing here and there and creating fitna between you, Ibn Kathir said: this means they would walk among you talking gossip, hate and conflict.

This involves corrupting the hearts of the mujahidin by gossip and backbiting other people, may Allah protect us. Allah ta'ala ends this ayah by saying: And there would have been some people among you who would have listened to them. There are mu'mineen (believers) who will listen to them. Ibn Kathir said: this means that some people will like what they say and obey them. They are not aware of their true niyat (intentions). Therefore, evil and major corruption follows. Ustadh al Adnan said: no arena of jihad is void of this kind of people. They keep poisoning the arenas of jihad to discourage the people. They create a spirit of hate especially among Emirs and al mu'mineen. This is their focus and the trap they set. Many jawasis (spies) had this as their goal. They wanted to see Muslims divided and fitna created between soldiers and amirs. Ustadh al Adnan says: they achieve this by spreading rumors, as well as the bad spirit of nationalism. They tie bad things to specific tribes or cities, and strike the chord of nationalism among listeners. They spread rumors and highlight the faults that no one could claim to be free from. They highlight these things in the eyes of those people new to jihad. This confuses the new mujahid and makes him worried and anxious. Then he decides to leave the jihad. Al Adnan says: these are without doubt oppressors, since deterring people from jihad is a major sin.

Ibn Hazm, may Allah rest his soul, said: no sin is greater than disbelief than those people who are deterring others from fighting the kuffar. The mujahid who comes to support the faith of Allah must be aware of these people, and be alert to them, and stay away from the trash they spread around. Al Adnan says: therefore, be alert to what was plotted against you, separate the suspicious material thrown at you, and know al haqq (the truth) and its possessors. Don't be fooled by impressive names, this is a very important concept about the presence of a few corrupt people among the mujahidin. May Allah destroy their evil, Ameen. May Allah reward you with goodness, and His peace be upon you."

"Oh Aqsa, we are coming!"


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