The Stance Of Al-Qaeda In Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) Over Peshawar Army School Attack

05 January 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) released a statement regarding an attack that has occurred on a school in the city of Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan last week. Information from the area suggests that so far some 200 people have been killed and wounded in the incident most of whom are said to be children.

In this statement, AQIS condemned the killing of children and innocent people. AQIS also expresses its condolences over the incident. This is the English translation of official statement by AQIS:

Our hearts are in grief over the killing of innocent children

Introduction: We received the news of Peshawar attack through media that more than 130 children died in the attack. From the reports of the media, the target of the attackers was the school and the children in the school meaning that any army camp or base was not the target of the attack where the possibility of hitting civilians is the least. So, this school was the school of children in which Pakistan army soldiers were not receiving military training rather ordinary children were studying who were non-combatants. Since we do not have any independent and trusted source to verify the actual reality behind the news, we will give the stance of our Jama'ah on the news received from media. And we are making 2 important assumptions.

1) The basic intention of the attack was to kill children.

2) Most of those killed in the attack were indeed Children.

All praise be to the Lord of the Worlds and peace and blessings be upon the Imam of Mujahidin; Muhammad (Shalallahu alaihi wa sallam), his progeny and companions.

In Peshawar army school attack, more than 130 children have died. "And to him we belong and to him we return". On this tragic incident, our hearts are deeply saddened. There is no doubt about the oppression of Pakistan army and that its crimes have exceeded all limits. Truth is that, Pakistan army has exceeded all limits in its subservience to Americans and the massacre of Muslims. It's also true that, America is totally dependent on Pakistan's army to silence any voice for Shariah.

But these crimes of Pakistan army and its horrific oppression CANNOT justify that its revenge be taken from innocent Muslims. It doesn't mean that the arms that we have taken against the puppets of Amerrica ; the Pakistani rulers and their subservient army be turned towards the Muslim people… Helping whom and freeing whom from the oppression of Pakistan army and traitor rulers, is our basic aim.

It is our basic aim to protect the Deen and Dunya(life) of the Muslims and to provide for them the Justice, peace and tranquility of Islamic Shariah. We equally sympathize with our people on this incident. We eulogize for these deaths but we also want to say somethings important.

To our beloved Pakistan Muslims.

1) Your pain is our pain and your blood is our blood. To defend you is our responsibility and we have not left our homes just so that the oppression upon you may be increases but by Allah, the purpose of Jihad of Mujahidin of Al-Qaeda is to stop the oppressors and to relieve the pain of the oppressed.

2) The aims of Mujahdin of Al-Qaeda are WELL KNOWN and OBVIOUS. Which are:

>To defend Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from behind.
>To provide safe heavens and logistics for them.
>To implement Shariah in Pakistan.

For this purpose, Mujahidin select their targets with extreme care which are:

>Direct American Targets (their bases, intelligence networks etc)
>Puppet rulers who sustain the Kufr based system.
>The mercenaries of America (Pakistani security forces only).

3) We Mujahidin only select our targets in the light of Verdicts of religious scholars. We believe that during
Jihad in the way of Allah and particularly operating in Muslim lands against traitor rulers and army is a very delicate matter which can only be done under the guidance of the scholars of Islam.

4) We, the Mujahidin of Al-Qaeda condemn any targeting of Public places, women or children from the start of Pakistani Jihad till this day. And we totally oppose this methodology. In this regards, the statements of leaders of Al-Qaeda like Shaikh Attiya tullah Al Libi (rahimahullah), Shaikh Abu Yahya al Libi (rahimahullah), Shaikh Mustafa Abu alYazid (rahimahullah) and the current leader Maulana Asim Umar (hafidhahullah), Ustad Ahmad Faruq (hafidhahullah) and of others are WELL KNOWN. All of them have categorically forbidden the blasts targeting Pakistan's criminal army and even more so.

"It is forbidden to target army in such places where ordinary Muslims could be harmed due to collateral damage".

5) Islam teaches total subservience to the teachings of Shariah. Even if a Muslim may face ANY ammount of oppression, it is still not allowed for him to transgress the boundaries of Shariah. The Imam of Mujahidin and the last messenger Rasulullah(sa) said "No body amongst can be a mu'min (true believer) unless his desires don't come under subservience to the Shariah that I have brought".

Therefore, those people who attack innocent Muslims, they may name their acts anything but we consider such acts as UnIslamic and contradictory to Islamic Shariah. We TOTALLY DISASSOCIATE ourselves from this act.

6) Al those people, who are responsible for this act, we request them that if you are fighting for the supremacy of the religion of Allah and if you are fighting to avenge the oppression of kuffar then please take the revenge from the actual culprits. Fear Allah that your bullets which are supposed to hit the Kuffar and Apostates, turn towards the non-combatant Children. Obey Shariah in ALL conditions and always take actions based on the guidance of Scholars and the pioneers of Jihad.

7) Jihad against America, Oppressive-Kufr-based System and its protectors is an obligatory Ibadah. Just like Salah, Fasting, this Ibadah of Jihad is also an individual obligation according to Scholars. To stand up for Islamic Shariah and doing Jihad against puppets of America is the call of the book of Allah.

8) No matter how much people try to malign the obligation of Jihad, its obligation is not ceases. Its convoy keeps on moving and temporary difficulties, maligning (etc) will never be able to cease or harm Jihad. In shaa Allah.

9) We are in any case responsible to do Jihad– ACCORDING TO SHARIAH– for the sake of Allah's word and we think that today it's even more critical and necessary that our Jihad totally conforms to the boundaries and guidelines of Islamic Shariah. Alhamdulillah, in Pakistan, there is no shortage of such mujahidin who distinguish between Jihadi actions against legitimate targets and the actions against innocents. These Mujahidin are sacrificing their lives to protect the oppressed people of Pakistan and to enforce Islamic Shariah and these Mujahidin believe that it is an obligation to do Jihad which conforms to the principles of Shariah.

10) So our beloved people of Pakistan, the Mujahidin are your well wishers. Americans, Indians or the traitor rulers and army of Pakistan are NOT your well-wishers.

Those Mujahidin who are doing Jihad for the Supermacy of Islamic Shariah and for the protection of your Deen and Dunya are your genuine well-wishers. In shaa Allah, the night of oppression will soon end and the convoy of Jihad will meet its goals and we will see the day when the goals of Islamic Shariah such as:

>Protection of Deen.
>Protection of Life.
>Protection of Wealth.
>Protection of Nasl(Progeny).
>Protection of Aql.

are met and Muslims of Pakistan live their lives according to Islamic System.

We tell the world of Kufr that globally the responsibility of :

> Killing of thousands of Muslim people in bombardments, drone attacks and land occupation.
> The killing of numerous innocent women, children and old men.
> The barbaric torture and oppression

lies chiefly on United states. United states is responsible for the oppression of Muslims in Ghaza, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, Yemen, etc.

And today, it wants to shed crocodile tears. And today, the butcher of Indian Muslims in Ahmadabad and Gujrat ; Nairandar Modi also wants to sympathize with Muslims.

Today the butcher of more than 900 Muslims in Lal Masjid and killers of many innocent people ; The Pakistan army, its Chief Raheel and slave of America ; Nawaz Sharif are trying to sympathize with Children !!!!!!

We also want to address the traitor Pakistani government and the Puppet army on this occassion.

"Muslims of Pakistan have seen your oppression and Kufr. This nation cannot forgive your spilling of innocent blood from Balochistan and tribal areas to Karachi and Peshawar. Your enemity to Islam, Kufr and subservience to Kufr powers has become apparent. Every heart is grieved on peshawar incident but it NEVER implies that:

> your system is not based on kufr.
> that you are not the slaves of Americans.
> that you are champions of peace!

What do you want to give to the people of Pakistan 
Anger of Allah and slavery of America?

How come you are saying such statements… World can see the blood dripping from your jaws from each and every of your statement… In the ongoing operation in North Waziristan, you have martyred countless children and women of the tribal people and Mujahidin WITH the help of American drones. You are the ones who lighted the flames of this was. Your are the ones who spilled the blood of Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan. You and your American masters are our real enemy.

Your war now is with the Mujahidin whose hearts are firm upon the principles of Islamic Shariah. Even in the saddest of times, the Mujahidin have their sights firmly on their aim, they are waiting to ambush you and Inshallah they will strike you soon. May Allah make them succeed and give this Ummah freedom from the oppressors.

We appeal to our beloved Pakistani Muslims that the children and women of Tribal Muslims, Mujahidin and Muslims are daily targeted by Pakistan forces. Just like the innocents of Peshawar, those children are also innocent and they also deserve sympathy. The children killed in drone attacks are also Muslims and innocents. Their bodies are torn apart into pieces daily by American and Pakistani bombs. Their eyes are also eager for your Sympathies.

Please not only remember the children of Peshawar in your Dua but also the children of Waziristan and please curse also their killers. Help the Mujahidin fighting against the oppression of Americans and their allies. May Allah help you and May Allah relive the oppression from you and give you a chance to see the peace of Shariah.

"And Allah is dominant over his affair but most people don't known".
We end with the praise for the sustainer of the Worlds and the peace and blessings upon the Messenger of of Allah.

25th Safar, 1436 Hijri


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