Soviet Union's Invasion of Afghanistan and the Historical Lesson

12 January 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The Red Army of Soviet Union invaded the sacred land of Afghanistan on 27 December 1979. This nefarious incident happened twenty months following the communist revolution of 27 April 1978. The invading forces toppled the Hafeezullah Ameen government and installed a stooge administration under the leadership of Babrak Karmal like Ashraf Ghani thus beginning a brutal war against the Afghan nation.  

The vicious Red Army of Soviet Union used all of its modern weaponry to occupy Afghanistan. They stained mountains, meadows and lands of Afghanistan with the blood of Afghan nation and brutally buried alive many anti occupation activists. Not only that, they whisked away many religious scholars, hermits and tribal elders to unknown and hidden cells. They executed many Mujahideen without trial, martyred hundred of thousand people, mothers were deprived of their sons, women were widowed and children orphaned; houses, crops, animals and economical infrastructure was destroyed.

The Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan continued for nine year and fifty one days. During this time they committed such atrocities and awful acts that the pen fails to describe and the tongue unable to explain. But at the end they were defeated as a result of the sacred Afghan Jihad and withdrew from Afghanistan disgracefully on February 15, 1989. They left a weak stooge government behind under the leadership of Najeeb that also soon collapsed.

After thirteen years and eighty two days of illegitimate invasion, like that of the Soviet Union, the US announced today (28-12-2014) they are concluding their combat mission. But like the announcement of Soviet Union to leave the country which was viewed as her defeat, today's announcement will definitely go down in the history as the defeat of America. 

The above stated facts, 27th and 28th of December indicate different incidents in Afghanistan's history. The first one refers to the Soviet Union invasion and the latter signifies the defeat of America like the 27th and 28th of April which indicates communist revolution and the victory of Jihad respectively. 

The Historical Lesson

After the great victory of Kabul by Mujahideen, the supporters and friends of Soviet Union, who collaborated with the invaders, were in panic. They were facing the wrath and anger of people, trying impatiently to flee the country. Some of them were trying to take refuge under the shadow of Jihadic movements. Similarly at the time of British defeat their stooge friends were confronting the same terrible situation. They had no place in the Afghan society.

Due to compassion, mercy and wise policy, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate has frequently announced to all those Afghans who have cooperated with America in her illegitimate invasion and are still assisting them, to join the Islamic Emirate and restore their afghan dignity and self-esteem. Thus, they will obtain salvation from the loss of this world and hereafter. Therefore, (Afghan) supporters of the invaders should take great advantage of this opportunity and take a lesson from the pathetic and scary condition of the friends and supporters of the former invaders. 



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