Sharia Judge Warns France Of New Attacks

12 January 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

One of the leaders of Tanẓim al-Qa‘idah fi Jazirat al-Arab/Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Sharia head of al-Qaeda in Yemen, Sheikh Harith bin Ghazi an-Nadhari, reacted on the January 7 attack on Paris blasphemers who molested Islam and Christianity in their newspaper, reports DW-World.

A big article on the role of AQAP in the Paris attack has been published by АР.

The video with the statement of Sheikh Harith bin Ghazi an-Nadhari is now being removed from the YouTube (at this link it is not yet deleted). Meanwhile, an English translation of his statement has been posted online. The factual part of the statement reads:

"Some of the sons of France showed a lack of manners with Allah's messengers, so a band of Allah's believing army rose against them, and they taught them the proper manners, and the limits of freedom of speech.

France today are from the leaders of disbelief; they curse the Prophets, and attack the Religion, and fight against the Believers, so there's nothing else for them except what Allah judged for her

O people of France, that which should be a priority with you is that you cease from your aggression against the Muslims, so that you might live in security, but if you refuse anything except war, then glad tidings; For by Allah you will not have any security as long as you wage war against Allah and His Messenger and you fight against the believers".

''In Poland, the executed main Paris daubster would serve a prison term for insulting Jesus Christ''

Meanwhile, A mainstream Polish daily, Gazeta Wyborcza, reported on further developments in Paris execution of 12 scoffer "humorists" by city guerillas. The newspaper writes in particular:

"Not only Muslims had reason to hate Charlie Hebdo. An special anti-Christian issue of this newspaper entitled "True Story of Little Jesus" with a blasphemous picture of Jesus Chhrist on the cover appeared in newsstands on Christmas (December 25 - KC).

In Poland, such a cover would immediately cause criminal proceedings for insulting religious feelings. The chief dubster would serve a prison term of 2 years behind bars. But there are no such laws in France. This was enjoyed so far with impunity by Charlie Hebdo. They had always concocted cartoons on subjects related to body parts which are below the waist.

Therefore Charlie Hebdo had to die.

In recent years, the Paris paper business went bad. A decrease in the number of readers was not compensated by ads, and it did not receive state subsidies. IThe paper appealed for support to its main readers. Under the motto "Raging anti-Semitism", it wrote: "Jews, we need your money".


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