The Occupation Is A Source of Humanitarian Sufferings And Grievances

01 March 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Recently, the Human Rights Watch published a 96-page report on 4th March 2015, exposing a number of human rights violators.

Meanwhile, it has called on the Kabul Puppet Administration to put the human rights violators on trial and urged American President Obama and other invaders to exert pressure on the Kabul Administration to implement their demand.

Whether the Kabul Administration is able or not to try some one (the violators), is a different question eligible for pondering. 

But it is a fact that occupation of and aggression against independent countries is, in general, a source of sufferings, grievances and calamities.

It is because invaders usually resort to inhumane acts in order to achieve their nefarious goals.

They divide societies, favor a faction with privileges to suppress another one and then target another flank of a society.

Thus they try to scale down the trajectory of resistance of people in face of the invaders' atrocities and entrap attention and thoughts of people in a dragnet of internal strife.

For example, yesterday on March 8, a horrendous incident took place with a gruesome report appearing in media that three persons were killed and more than ten injured in Shiberghan Prison.

In another report about attacks on women, 281 incidents of violence against women have been registered only in Balkh province. It is a report of incidents of only one province.

The most vital right of a man among other human rights is the right of life and freedom. Those who threaten life of a man and violate his freedom are, in fact, ringleaders among the violators of human rights.

The invaders on the one hand have occupied the land of Afghanistan, have control over land and air and have snatched away freedom from the Afghan people while on the other hand, have forced the most incompetent and corrupt persons on the oppressed people.

Furthermore they have given them training in torture.

Robert Grenier, former CIA officer writes in his book: ''These person (warlords) perpetrated atrocities against people because of the support they received from the Americans… The Americans condoned their atrocities as they were assisting them in their operations against Taliban.

In his memoirs, Grenier writes that the CIA imparted training to its Afghan supporters on torture of detainees and encouraged them to commit torture.
It is a matter of shock and wonder that the Human Rights Watch has not mentioned the invaders as human rights violators.

However they are the real violators of human rights and trainers of other violators of human rights but HRW wants them to put pressure on the powerless Kabul Administration to bring to account those who are involved in violations of human rights.

Apt to say that they have handed over to them the scales of justice when the invaders themselves are those who have carried out raids on houses in the stillness of night, brutally killed sleeping children, women and men, have buried men alive under the rubble and inflicted people with sufferings under various charges and they are still bent on doing the same.

The Islamic Emirate calls on its noble people to adhere to their Islamic, national and social values, strengthen their fraternity on the basis of faith, intensify and extend their efforts for the establishment of an honorable independent Islamic state and make distinction between friend and foe.
All success comes from Allah (SwT) only.

Afghans are Bound by a Bond of Faith and a Sense of being an Afghan

Talemarah-flag-e1419925173750he drama about American troops pull-out, their further staying in and return (to Afghanistan) is now in full swing, in a fanfare that is similar to a stunt of a person selected for the noble prize. But the hustle and bustle i.e. a dangerous tragedy, is an intentional endeavor to put a negative psychological impact on the Afghan people to compel them to kowtow to the powerless government formed by the invaders. A proverb says: ''Compel him to face death, he will accept fever willingly.''

Faces (in the Kabul Administration) do change but all have a shared goal, that is: to inflict the Afghan oppressed people with harassment and suffering. However, as of now, they have come around that occupation of the country is not acceptable for the Afghans. But on the other hand, the rulers of the coalition Administration better know that their coming to the corridor of power has not been achieved on the basis of the votes of the Afghans. Contrarily, they lack popular support. The spurious American process of elections ended in a fiasco. So they know the ground reality that only the invading forces are in a position to guarantee survival of the puppet administration. That is why some stooge rulers are harping on the issue of further stay of troops whenever they find an occasion to express themselves. Not only that, they request them to send more troops in intent to frighten their own people. John Campbell, the Commander of the American forces has said in the media: ''The decision about leaving American troops in Afghanistan is based on the request of Ashraf Ghani , Head of the Unity Government, who repeatedly requested American military and civil rulers not to show hurry in withdrawal of the troops but revise the decision.''

Being bent on the continuation of this failed strategy, the American rulers have recently announced once again that they would send 2,300 soldiers to our beloved country. They have added that the troops would be deployed in numerous provinces to train the puppet force and give them military advice. An American official went further, saying ''Our troops' job will be training the Afghan troops and giving them support during military operations.''

The invaders and their puppets want to deteriorate the situation of the beloved country through such dismaying announcements, to aggravate the status quo, harm the trust among the Afghans and frustrate the hope of the common people for stability and peace. On the other hand, they are fanning flames of an intra-Afghan war and paving the way for a chaos as a result of such remarks.

The invaders and their allies should realize this very fact that the Afghans are bound by a bond of faith, relation of kinship and a sense of being an Afghan. They have co-existed with each other within the framework of Islam for hundreds of years. The enemy should know that all ethnicities and tribes of Afghanistan are intending to strengthen their mutual relations thanks to the blessing and mercy of Allah, the Almighty. This mutual bond of relation and contact is now being reinforced and we all are willing to foil the recent efforts of the enemy with the help of Allah, the Almighty (Inshallah).


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