Islamic Emirate Pursues National Interests of Afghanistan

04 March 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

If we look into the twenty years history of the Islamic Emirate and study their performance and achievements unbiasedly and impartially then we will reach the fact that indeed, Islamic Emirate has always pursued national interests of the country as per aspiration of the people. The Islamic Emirate considers defense of every inch of its country, protection of its values and preservation of its national dignity as its Islamic and national responsibility. For the obtainment of the said lofty goals, they have given enormous sacrifices which still continue to this day.
Therefore our policy and strategy is clear regarding peace and war, solidarity or confrontation, invaders and their Afghan allies. We want peace but war has been imposed upon us by others. We believe that the first item of negotiation should be the end of occupation and secondly the establishment of an Islamic government but the opposition stresses on the continuation of occupation. We believe that all Afghans are brothers. Afghanistan is the common home of all afghans and this is the accepted right of all brother tribes to have full participation in government, administration and defense of the country. But we cannot accept occupation under any title because occupation is not compatible with our religious values and national interests while the opposition considers the existence of invaders a necessity and does not give any significance to the interest of people and country.
Protection of national and other high interests of Afghanistan is the demand of the nation. According to the aspiration of our brave nation, five primary demands are enlisted as under.

1. Complete freedom of Afghanistan, defense of boundaries and end of occupation under any name and title.
2. Establishment of Islamic government and implementation of Sharia law.
3. Establishment of peace and satisfactory security across the country.
4. Participation of all communities and tribes in government, on the basis of talent and abilities.
5. Equal access to education, economical, medical, cultural and social services without discrimination, differences and distinctions.

If someone asked about a national government or national administration then intellectuals and experts will definitely say that an administration that defends the lofty interests of a nation and submits to the aspirations of people is a national administration. However the so called national government in Kabul that has been installed by America is not a national government because they have not taken into account the basic demands of the nation. Mere gathering of representatives of factions and communities cannot be considered a national government.
It is obvious to our people and the world that the Islamic Emirate in its history has no chapter where it compromised or bargained on the great interests of people and the country. The Islamic Emirate has always clearly conveyed its stance to his allies and opponents, countrymen and the world, near and far. We once again emphasize on our stance and assure our people that by the grace of Allah, the Almighty and with the help of our people, we will continue our struggle until the end of occupation and for the obtainment of our national interests.

Preservation and Protection of National Assets is a National obligation

Preservation, protection and maintenance of national asset is a great religious and national obligation.
This is because on the one hand they are the essential pillar of the economic system of the country and on the other hand, play a fundamental role in the procurement of basic religious, educational and social needs of the Afghan Muslim people.
So construction and protection of public properties is a dire need for the strengthening and prolongation of Islamic system.

No doubt, all public properties (used by common people) like roads, bridges, tunnels, water dams, irrigation systems, electricity junctions, electricity transfer centers, mines extraction and refinery centers and their equipment, educational institutions, seminaries, mosques, schools, universities, health centers, clinics, hospitals etc. are the shared properties of the nation.

Their existence benefits the common people and lack of them harms the common man.
Their destruction is not only an anti-human crime but is a wicked act according to the Islamic Sharia, because public properties are part of the ''Baitulmal''.

Any intentional tampering with and destruction of Baitulmal is a great sin as per the injunction of the holy religion of Islam.
If we go through the history of the guided caliphs (may Allah be pleased with them all) or the history of the Muslim Amirs who came after them, we would find out that each of them had instructed his Jihadi commanders with an eye to the situation of that time to thwart every kind of corruption and destruction during Jihadi operations as best as they could.

The instructions of Abu Bakr Siddique (may Allah be pleased with Him) is spectacularly clear. He addressed Mujahideen: ''Stay a while, I want to advise you about ten things, remember them all…. In his instruction, he advised them to shun from betrayal, embezzlement and avoid the killing of unarmed people, cutting of fruit-bearing trees and the killing of cattle.
The esteemed Amir-ul-momineen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid (may Allah protect him) following the footsteps of the righteous Amirs has repeatedly instructed his Mujahideen in his messages to protect (people's) personal properties and national assets.
For example, in his message on the eve of Eid-ul-fitr 2014, addressing the Mujahideen, he said to them:'' This is your religious and national obligation to strive for the wellbeing of people…. Causing harm to people's life, property and honor is a great crime, the perpetrator of which will not escape accountability neither in this world nor the world to come.
Your conduct with people should be but tolerance, humility, patience, selflessness and mutual respect…….. you should take care of the people's life and property during Jihadic operations so that they may not be harmed.''

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan began the sacred Jihad on the basis of the rulings of Islamic Sharia aimed at gaining independence of the country and people, forcing the invaders to leave the country and establishing an independent Islamic regime.

Therefore, it deems it its duty to preserve and protect public properties-even it considers it a national and Sharia- based responsibility of every Mujahid. So every Mujahid is duty-bound on the basis of Sharia to hinder harm to and destruction of baitulmal (public property).

The Islamic Emirate will take drastic measures in the light of Islamic Sharia against those who try to cause harm to the people and the country. 


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