The Ongoing Insinuations Will Be Answered

25 March 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

On the 7th of first month of 2015 France in the heart of Europe home of the provocateurs and insinuators, was attacked. Specifically the head office of the hate preaching and violence inciting magazine of Charlie Hebdo was bravely targeted by the righteous sons of Islam. This attack resulted in the deaths of more than 23 staff members of this office including its chief editor and several prominent cartoonists. From the beginning of this attack it was clear to the world that the aim of this attack was to punish those who tried to debase and insult the prophet of Islam Muhammed [peace be upon him]. And that is a lesson for those who want to insult to the Prophet of Islam Muhammed [peace be upon him] that Islam is not a dead religion, there are soldiers and sons of Islam in every century who happily die in battles for their Prophet Muhammed [peace be upon him]. They bravely fight for their prophet and proudly die for him.

It is regrettable that some Muslim societies and Muslim leaders who call themselves leaders and representatives of Muslims, after this successful attack on the offices of the disparaging Charlie Hebdo magazine, whose insinuations and incitements shock the Islamic world to its core, remained silent or expressed consolidation with the racist insinuators. They remained tight-lipped over the sacrifices of the heroes that avenged Islam, afraid that European governments will call them terrorists and cut their benefits from them. They chose the shame of being silent rather than honor those who fought for their Prophet [peace be upon him] and died for him. We are ashamed to say that a lot of them joined the protest of Europeans in France in the name of unity that show the confederation of crusaders expressing their sadness and sympathy to those magazine members who were killed in this attack.

Regrettable is the plight of those Muslim leaders who stand with the enemy, in opposition to Islam and Quran and join the confederation of enemies of Islam. Indeed for whom did they express sadness and for which country? For a France whose government's hands are bloodstained with the blood of Muslims? For a France that instead of banning publications of these insults to Prophet Muhammed [peace be upon him] and 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, rather supports these heinous crimes and encourages it? For a France that is thirsty for blood and an enemy of the lives of Muslims worldwide? For a France that after one week of this attack on Charlie Hebdo's office gave permission for more publication of theses insults towards Prophet Muhammed [peace be upon him]?

But it is unfortunate that some Muslims who claim to represent Muslims of the world, yet they parrot the claims of the enemies regarding these insults to Prophet Muhammed [peace be upon him] and even go to the extent of supporting further publications. While some American news networks such as CNN America, Washington Post, NBC, New York Times and other news networks such as ABC, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Business Insider and the like, in respecting the right of Muslims to peacefully enjoy their religious freedoms, refrained from republishing these caricatures.

That is a big shame for those Muslim leaders who instead of supporting those who lost their lives for their beloved Prophet Muhammed [peace be upon him] shamelessly stood with heads of western and European states, honoring their dead and insulting the holy religion of Islam, and a thousand shames on Ashraf Ghani who calls himself a President of an Islamic country like Afghanistan but used the worst words for soldiers of Islam in showing support for the west, Europe and Charlie Hebdo magazine. Thankfully the world knows that Ashraf Ghani is a puppet of the west and Europe and does not represent the brave people of Afghanistan, who are lovers of Muhammed [peace be upon him]. Afghans, like other Muslims around the world, cannot and will not tolerate this enemy transgression.

But the question is that, why the world instead of exploring the reason of this attack, blindly condemn them, and turn away from the truth? Is any effect without a cause? The operation by Said and Cherif Kouachi, two young heroes and Muslim brothers carried out in the month of January 2015 on Charlie Hebdo's office was in revenge for those insults that in 2011 and 2007, the insolent members of this magazine perpetuated.

If they didn't insist on their foolish insults against Islam they would not have been punished by the sons of Islam. Why do France and Charlie Hebdo members instead of showing contrition, remonstrate and insist on the right to insult us? Where in the world is this law that when someone is insulted he can't defend himself, and the insulter has to protect themselves from the punishment of those insulted? Certainly if you insult someone you should expect retribution for it. But it depends on the nature of the insult and to whom you insult. Definitely if the person has more eminence you will be punished for it on that level or more.

If the Europeans trial, convict and execute the two Kouachi brothers for the attack on Charlie Hebdo for daring to defend the honor of Prophet Muhammed [peace be upon him], then why do they shamelessly defend the insults of Charlie Hebdo magazine? They remain dumb to our peaceful protestations and repeat their insults, but they must know, that we will answer these insults, and the lovers of Prophet Muhammed [peace be upon him] will not stay silent and they will answer each and everyone of these insults, and punish their perpetuators.

Certainly the Kouachi lions will come again to teach another lesson to Charlie Hebdo and other enemies of Islam, so that they won't forget it for as long as they live, and these lessons will remain written in their history forever. 



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