The Odd Silence Of Media Against The Brutalities Of Arbakis

29 March 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Unfortunately, the oppressions and cruelty of foreign invaders, Afghan army, police force and the notorious Arbaki militiamen are increasing and adopting various shapes with the passage of time. Killings, torments and detention of the civilian people and incidents of looting and plunder have been consecutively repeated in every village and town in the night operations and the broad day attacks of the above mentioned forces.

A new era of suffering and torture was initiated in the already miserable life of our ordinary countrymen when the notorious Arbakism dubbed ''Local Police'' process was launched by General David Petraeus four or five years ago. These Arbaki militiamen are mostly those malicious, corrupt, addicted and way layers who are rejected by the society due to their delinquencies as they do not waver from committing any felony or brutality.

According to some recent reports, these Arbaki militiamen raided the houses of ordinary people after a fierce battle with Taliban inside 'Nahreen' area of 'Qaisaar' district in 'Faryab' province in which four civilians including a child and a woman were brutally martyred and nearly two hundred houses were put on fire. These homeless people have not been approached by any aid agency yet and they are spending their days and nights under the open blue sky in this chilly winter season.

On 5th February, the Imams (one who leads the congregational prayers and other ceremonies) were expelled and mosques were locked up by these notorious Arbaki militiamen in 'Darra-Takht' area of 'Ghor' province adjacent with the border of 'Herat' province. According to the local people, they were warned by these Arbaki militiamen not to open the doors of these closed mosques.

According to another report, these Arbakis raided the premises of a madrassa and the adjacent houses of its teachers in 'Ghabi-Khail' area of 'Yahya-Khail' district in 'Paktika' province. First they looted the madrassa and fifteen other houses and then put the collected stuff on fire. Later, they warned the dwellers of more than one hundred houses to quit their village quickly otherwise they would be killed. These innocent people were accused by these militiamen of withholding information about the Taliban from them.

Prior to this incident, two hundred other families inside 'Yahya-Khail' district were warned by these notorious Arbakis to abandon the area and some people had already left their homes in this cold weather and the prevailing bad economic conditions just to safeguard themselves from the transgression of these notorious militiamen. According to the local people of 'Yahya-Khail' district, the Arbakis told them to pick up arms and stand shoulder to shoulder with them otherwise they would be expelled from the area.

Besides 'Paktika' province, the ordinary people in Ghazni, Kandahar, Helmand and some other provinces of Afghanistan were also asked by these notorious Arbaki militiamen to pick up arms and practically support them against their opponents, those unwilling to do so, would have to pay twenty thousand rupees per month to the Arbakis otherwise they would have to leave their respective areas.

In various other parts of the country, ordinary people were tied and dragged behind vehicles by the puppet government forces especially these notorious Arbaki militiamen on the basis of doubtful and lame accusation of having ties with Taliban. Their hands and legs were chopped, they were killed by relentless beatings, their houses were looted then completely burnt and they were severely tortured and deprived of their money and other valuables.

It is a great regret that the above mentioned and numerous other unmentioned felonies and atrocities perpetrated by these tyrant militias have not been brought out or published by the media outlets and a peculiar silence has been adopted even by those media outlets who claim neutrality and independence. Though they speak very loud about respecting the rules and regulations of reporting, neutrality and allegiance to their profession but in practice, they have no faith in the values and norms of free journalism. The savage and brutal conduct of both the foreign invaders and their internal stooge forces against their opponents has no place in the glossary of freedom of speech as they have been already been labeled terrorists rather the inexplicable and mind blowing thing is, how can these so called champions of freedom of expressions justify turning a blind eye to the atrocities suffered by the innocent ordinary people!!! 



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