Combined Forces Of Mujahideen Liberated Syrian City oF iDLIB, Defeating The Infidels In Mleiha

23 March 2015

By Markaz Kvakaz

On Saturday afternoon, combined brigades of Mujahideen completely liberated the capital of the Syrian Province of Idlib from infidels (see the video). Attempts by the Assadites to prevent the fall of Idlib by shellings with Scud missiles failed.

The commander of the combined forces of Mujahideen, Abu Umar Saraqeb, declared victory in the battle for Idlib (see the video of Mujahideen celebrating the victory).

During the decisive assault on the city, the infidels' triple ring of defense was broken. Unable to withstand the blows of Mujahideen, Assadites began to leave their positions already in the early hours of Saturday, abandoning their defensive positions and suffering heavy losses.

The following Mujahideen brigades and groups participated in the assault on Idlib:

- Jabhat an-Nusra/Victory Front (VF),
- Ahrar ash-Sham/Free Men of Levant (FML),
- Jaish al-Fatah/Army of Conquest (AC),
- Jund al-Aqsa/Soldiers of al-Aqsa (SA),
- Faylaq ash-Sham/Legion of Levant (LL),
- Liwa al-Haqq/Right Brigade (RB),
- Ajnad ash-Sham/Soldiers of Levant (SL),
- Jaish al-Sunna/Army of Tradition (AT),
- Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar/Army of Emigrants and Supporters (AES).

Idlib was attacked on March 26 simultaneously from four directions. The assault began with a series of martyrdom attacks on checkpoints and gates on the outskirts of the city. 13 checkpoints and roadblocks were captured in the first hours of the operation. Assadites could not withstand the pressure of Mujahideen and fled, leaving their weapons and corpses.

The liberation of the capital of the province is without doubt a major success of the Mujahideen which could play an important role in the final defeat of the Nusayri regime of Assad and a serious undermining of the ambitions of the Shiite Iran.

Defeat of infidels in Mleiha

On Friday night, February 20, units of the Mujahideen of the Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar/Army of Emigrants and Supporters (AES) and Jamaat Imam Bukhari/Imam Bukhari Group (IBG), stormed the positions of infidels in the town of Mleiha, reports Akhbar Sham.

Blow on the infidels was clearly planned and carried out in a professional manner. Almost from the first minutes of the fighting, thanks to the decisive and tough action of assault groups of Mujahideen, the enemy was unable to provide organized resistance.

Forefront of infidels (mostly Shiite mercenaries from Iran and Afghanistan) were crushed using massive fire and a series of manoeuvres by advancing forces of the Mujahideen.

Unable to withstand the shock, the Shiites fled, losing about 15 elements. The enemy left behind a large quantity of arms and ammunition, which fell prey to the Mujahideen.

During the battle, AES Mujahid Abu Khattab al-Lezghini from Dagestan martyred, Insha'Allah.

Mleiha is completely freed of infidel gangs. Separate groups of Assadites, Shiites and regime gangs took position near the village of Bashko and tried to resist the advancing forces of the Mujahideen.

On Friday evening, more than 8 infidels fled from their positions, dressed in women's clothes, but were caught by the Mujahideen. Among the captives were senior officers of the Assad army.

LEVANT. Counterattack by Mujahideen in Aleppo's Mleiha

Early in the morning on February 17, infidels entered the village of Bashko from the side of villages Sifat, Nubl and az-Zahra, reports Akhbar Sham.

In the town of Mleiha, they bypassed defence lines of Mujahideen and went to the edge of the town, took over a few villas and began shelling road leading to the village of Costello.

Nusayris simultaneously launched an offensive on the part of Aleppo's Layramoun (aka Balleramoun) district and occupied two houses. The purpose of the infidels was obvious - to cut communication of Mujahideen and try to surround Aleppo.

However, because of the strong counter-attack by the Mujahideen of Jabhat an-Nusra/Victory Front (VF) and other Islamic brigades, the Shiites were driven out out of almost all earlier occupied positions.

Infidels retreated with heavy casualties. According to preliminary data, about 100 infidels were killed, a large number of trophies was captured.

According to the latest news, 4 local supporters became martyrs, Insha'Allah. Emigrants and supporters continue operation in Mleiha, Bashko, etc. A tank of nusayris was also captured near Mleiha. 



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