Grimace of Britain's Prime Minister To Islam And Muslims

03 April 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron in a speech, answering to Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church who stated that: 'there is a right of insult in the world'. Francis was saying this at the time that Charlie Hebdo office in France published new insults to Islam and once again inflamed the anger of Muslims. At the time that all the world Muslims and non-muslims condemned Charlie Hebdo's disrespectful actions garbed in the clothes of democracy and human rights. People like David Cameron, embracing barbarity and insensibility far removed from human sentiments, called this insolent action of Charlie Hebdo freedom of expression, and judged these actions as common and acceptable.

Without a doubt the main cause of these insults to Islam and Muslims is the old enmity and hatred of Jews and Christians towards Islam and Muslims. Yet the enmity in emanating from David Cameron is the new kind in this time in the world, because the enemy handles himself with guile and deceit, all the while speaking of humanity and benevolence. Yet by painting of imaginary cartoons they insult the noblest and dearest people of the world. By such actions breaking the hearts of millions of Musims around the world and provoking their reactions. David Cameron didn't just insult Islam by his weak remarks he also insulted all religions and the followers of these religions.

It is regrettable that David Cameron contumeliously defended these insolent actions but unfortunately the majority of Muslim leaders failed to denounce these actions and express the sentiments of Muslims regarding the insults hurled at their religion. They chose to live in deafening silence for fear that they might be labelled as terrorist or terrorist supporters by their decision to express Muslim sentiments on these issues. They show sadness for Charlie Hebdo's magazine members that were killed in this attack but protests and courageous actions of millions of Muslims against these destructive plans of our enemies in the name of freedom of expression clearly show that, the sentiments of the vast majority of Muslims have no correlation with the subservient actions and utterances of the so-called leaders of the Muslim world.

It is amazing that European heads called the defensive actions of these young Muslim youths thuggery, extremist, calcification and terror, but they call their oppression, contempt and civilizational arrogance altruism, peace and justice. They act as snakes that has beautiful speckles and with lure of perfection they play an innocence game in front of the world, yet evil attributes are clear in their performance. 

Similary David Cameron considers these insults as a legal right and saying: "until publications are in law circulation they can publish anything even if it's abusive for some people'' according to his words he reminds everyone that insults are legal according to them even if such a law runs against our basic human rights. But statements of David Camron reveal his inner evil opinion; he forgets that if he has a law for his abnormality and he believes in right of insult similarly there are other people who believe in the right to defense and protest. They similarly deem it legal to use force in order to defend themselves and their honor from such obscene insults.



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